Though shot up and disposed of like trash, Buck is hanging in there

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It is unthinkable, yet it happened.  A dog was shot in the head and face multiple times by a pellet gun, then put in a garbage bag and left to die.  If not for good Samaritan and animal rescuer Tami Augustyn, who found him on Saturday morning Buck would not have lived.  Augustyn, who lives in Conroe, Texas was alerted to the situation by neighbours and immediately went to help.

When she opened the bag, the 3 year old mix breed who has been named Buck, came out of the bag, took a few steps, and collapsed.  She took him to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Conroe where he was examined and stabilized.  He has multiple birdshot pellet fragments in his face, shoulders, neck, both eyes, and inside of his mouth, and has not walked since arriving at the clinic, however there are reports that he has been moving around in his kennel a little.

It is not yet known whether he is permanently blind, but he will be transferred to a specialist hospital this week for further treatment and when he is more stable they will consider taking out the pellets.  Such a crime is hard to fathom and an investigation is under way to determine who could have done this to poor, defenceless Buck.

Donations are being accepted for the cost of Buck’s precious care and donations can be made directly to Animal Emergency Clinic located at 920 West Dallas, Conroe, Texas. Donors can call (936)-539-3800 at anytime.  There is also a Facebook page called Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries where you can follow his progress.

If anyone has any information about Buck, please call Crime Stopper at 1-800-392-STOP. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Please speak out for Buck and all other victims of these heinous crimes.

10 thoughts on “Though shot up and disposed of like trash, Buck is hanging in there”

  1. While am an advocate of the second amendment, it is assholes like the people that did this that make all gun owners look bad. They need to be caught, punished harshly, and never allowed near a gun again. I hope Buck makes a full recovery. If the people responsible are caught they should have to pay for all of Buck’s care

    • You are right that animal abusers should be put in the same category as the others. It is proven that people that do this to animals escalate to humans

  2. the laws are not strict enough and who’s to say assholes such as these criminals will ever be caught… sadly enough this dog is suffering due to the acts of ill minded scum.. I hate to say this but maybe there should be laws that says we could get rid of all the sick, cruel, rapists, child molesters, murderers and animal abusers.. we would be a far better planet…..

  3. The person/persons who did this obviously have a brain the size of a pea; may you rot in hell for what you did to this poor dog…………

  4. Get better, Buck. You are a beautiful guy and you’re going to find yourself the loving home you deserve.


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