Thousands of Dogs Walk in Perth, Australia Fundraiser

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RSPCAWA Million Dogs Walk from FAcebook 51913Perth, Australia – If you’re a dog lover living in or near Perth, Australia it’s a good bet you were at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dogs (RSPCA) Million Paws Walk  at the South Perth Foreshore today.

RSPCA spokesman Tim Maine reports that the number of dogs involved this year probably exceeded last year’s 10,000 walkers. Walkers each donated $20 to walk in the parade. The day was beautiful and the dogs happy.  Many of them had been adopted from the RSPCA and their families enjoyed showing their appreciation for the organization that had given them so much four-legged happiness.

Participants said they brought their dogs and families out for various reasons. Some enjoy seeing the different dog breeds. Others like to give back to the RSPCA. Then there are the folks bringing their dogs out to socialize with other dogs and humans.

Funds raised through the event will be used to fund vet services, re-homing programs, education programs, pet comfort and money is used to fight animal cruelty. There is no final report on the amount raised but the RSPCA is hoping they hit their western Australia target of $85,000. Their ultimate goal for the current fund-raising program is $475,000 nation-wide.