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Three-legged dog becomes famous for shoplifting


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Oscar is a criminal no one can be mad at. The three-legged dog was caught on camera shoplifting from the Alary Dairy in Invercargill, New Zealand. Hundreds of people have been captivated with Oscar as requests to adopt him have flooded in.

Oscar Is a 10-year-old German short-haired pointer.  He is caught on tape running out of the Alary Dairy with a pet food roll in his mouth, surprising other customers in the process. “He’s not your usual shop-lifter is he?” said Esmay Hay, owner of the Alary Dairy, who suspects that Oscar may be a repeat offender. “We noticed movement on the security camera, there’s been nobody here so I’m assuming now Oscar may have paid us a visit before.”

Hay finds the whole situation amusing. “You couldn’t be wild with him, you couldn’t be angry with him.” In fact many people have been captivated by the three-legged criminal. Once Oscar and his adorable thieving ways were featured on national television a flood of requests to adopt him came in.

Oscar’s owners are apparently away on vacation. They left Oscar with relatives to watch over him, but it seems the relatives’ fence was less than adequate to contain Oscar. Oscar is currently being kept at the pound until the end of the week until his owners can get home to claim him, which will disappoint several of Oscar’s fans who were hoping to adopt him.