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Three-legged Dog Recovering From Abuse and Looking Forward to a New Life


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jojoJo Jo is a loving dog who thrives on attention. Not too long ago though she was in bad shape, suffering horrible abuse. With the help of the staff at Homeward Bound Rescue and Rehabilitation in Kentucky she is on the mend and looking forward to a better life.

Jo Jo was dropped off at the Marion County Animal Shelter in bad shape. The pit bull had been tied up with a large chain and mistreated by her previous owners. “The chain got wrapped around her back leg and due to the mistreatment she attempted to chew off her back leg to get free,” said Stephanie Fields of Homeward Bound Rescue and Rehabilitation. Jo Jo would need to have her leg amputated. Her leg wasn’t the only issue though; horrifically her ears had been removed with household scissors.

The staff at the Marion County Animal Shelter got her into surgery immediately to take care of her leg. Jo Jo hasn’t let her ordeal slow her down. She still is loving towards people, “Jo Jo has licked my face, she’s cuddled,” Fields said. For Fields this isn’t the first time she’s seen abuse cases. Homeward Bound Rescue and Rehabilitation takes in lots of dogs who have been poorly treated and it is getting frustrating. “It makes you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. We do have very lax laws.”

Dr. Keaton Smith who runs the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter is just as frustrated, “100% of it is preventable.” He sees Jo Jo as a miracle. For the rescue staff and Jo Jo the focus is now on her future. “What happened to her is in the past and we’re here for her new beginning,” said Fields. The rescue is currently looking for a foster home for Jo Jo until she is medically cleared and ready for adoption.

For more information about Jo Jo and Homeward Bound Rescue and Rehabilitation visit their Facebook page.