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Tiny Police Dog Patrols City Streets

by Katherine

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Whoever said that to be a police dog you needed to be a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois has never met Ñero, a tiny and hairy dog from Bogota, Colombia.

Photo credit: Liliana Castellanos/Facebook
Photo credit: Liliana Castellanos/Facebook

This toy-size dog loves to sport his police officer uniform and radio. He is a valued member of the police station in the Diana Turbay neighborhood, and like any human officer, the pet is ready to patrol the streets, keeping peace and order with other officers.


A video uploaded on Facebook by Liliana Castellanos shows how Ñero rides on a police bike. The four-legged officer pays close attention to his surroundings and stands guard. We’re not sure if he’s looking for criminal activity or just enjoying the ride, but he sure looks cute.


Ñero is well loved by his fellow officers and members of the community.