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Tippy’s Happily Ever After


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Home at last



After years waiting at the shelter, and an unsuccessful adoption that brought her back in poor shape, Tippy has finally found a forever home where she will get the tender loving care and the appreciation that she deserves.

Tippy was in the care of Soi Dog Foundation at their shelter in Phuket, Thailand when she was adopted the first time. Her friends at the shelter were heartbroken to see her return to them in a worse state than when she left, and became determined to help her find a good new home.

Soi Dog rehabilitated Tippy, and a kind donor pledged to help pay for her transport to help her find a good home.

A few short weeks after Soi Dog posted an appeal in July to find a good home for Tippy, her caregivers said their goodbyes and she flew halfway around the world to her new home in Orlando, FL, with a woman who will give her the love and care she deserves.


Soi Dog Fondation wrote at Facebook just over a month ago, on July 22, and shared the video below:


“Tippy spent years at our shelter & was recently adopted & returned in a very bad state which had many of us in tears. She has since recovered & is the sweetest soul imaginable. We would love to prove to Tippy that there is someone out there who will love & care for her for the rest of her life.

“Tippy adores people & will sit by your side all day long & be cuddled. She follows you everywhere. This adorable girl would love a home with constant companionship, she’s an absolute sweetheart. We love her to bits, but we cannot give her what she really needs which is lots of love & attention.

“A kind supporter has also provided financial assistance to help Tippy reach her new home, she is touching hearts around the world. Tippy is currently at the Soi Dog shelter in Phuket & can be adopted to USA, Canada, Europe, UK or locally.”



An adopter from the US emerged, arrangements were made, and Tippy went to her forever home.


Tippy saying her goodbyes in Thailand


Dr Su having one last cuddle….


Soi Dog wrote on Friday:

We Say a Fond Farewell to Tippy

“One of our most loving gentle dogs left us for her Journey to her new home in the USA. Tippy has had a somewhat difficult past and we are all so pleased that she will finally be able to enjoy the life she so deserves.

“Tippy has had an amazing effect on all the staff and volunteers that have met her and those from around the world who have supported her when she needed it the most.
It was an emotional time for the team at the shelter but we could not be happier for this super sweet dog.

“Tippy is spending a night in Bangkok before catching her flight to her new forever home in America.

“We will all miss you Tippy but just know that you are going to have a fantastic life.”

Ready to travel
Ready to travel


An update from this past Sunday says:

After a very long journey, our darling Tippy is finally home in Orlando, Florida. She’s getting cuddles galore from her doting new mum Tanya, lots of treats, toys, soft beds, blankets, bones & more love than she could possibly imagine.

“Tanya says… “I couldn’t be more happier she is even more beautiful than I imagined and she is a big cuddle bug, we have already snuggled on the couch together. I love her! I’m just watching her and Davi (my other dog) chasing each other playing and tears are rolling down my face but they are tears of pure joy. Her uncle Steve was as proud as he can be walking her thru the airport.

“We love you big time Tippy!!.. We will miss you heaps but could not be happier.”


Making herself at home


All photos via Soi Dog Foundation at Facebook