Veterinarians Recommend Dog Flu Vaccines

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Dr. Adam Jaffe with Montgomery Animal Hospital
Dr. Adam Jaffe with Montgomery Animal Hospital

Every year you hear news reports where doctors recommend people should get flu vaccines, but did you know that some veterinarians also recommend getting your dog a flue shot?

In Montgomery County, Md., there seems to be an outbreak of canine flu. A news report done by ABC News 7 says six dogs have become sick and two lives have already been claimed.

This dog flu outbreak is uncommon but yet concerning because canines are not immune to the flu.

Younger and older dogs are more likely to develop the flu and Dr. Adam Jaffe with the Montgomery Animal Hospital, recommends dog owners pay close attention to flu like symptoms in their pets.

If your dog stops eating and has a cough that lasts more than five to seven days, you should call your veterinarian and get Fido checked out.

Dogs that are kenneled, frequent dog parks and doggy day care centers are more susceptible to getting the flu. Talk to your veterinarian and ask about the canine flu shot. If it is something that can prevent your pet from getting sick, why not giving a try.