TNT UPDATE: Playground Dog Expected to Make Full Recovery

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4.10.13 School Stray Dog41

Earlier this week we brought you the story of TNT, the dog who limped to a group of students on a playground after being struck by a car.  We are glad to report that thanks to these kids, TNT has undergone surgery and is recuperating.

The injured dog, named TNT after the Tazewell New Tazewell Primary School in Tennessee where she was found, wandered out from the bushes on a school playground occupied by third and fourth-grade students.  Their hearts went out to the sweet little stray, and they knew they had to help.

They sought the help of the community in raising the $400 necessary for TNT to have pins placed in her leg, which would save her from amputation.  The students never imagined that they would raise four times that amount – donations exceeded $1500 at last check.

4.10.13 School Stray Dog31
TNT, hammin’ it up.


But a veterinarian in Knoxville was so impressed with their efforts that he volunteered to do the surgery for free.

“We thought it was something really special that all these kids were banding together,” said Mitch Rosenzweig, owner of the Animal Emergency Specialty Center.  We also saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate to kids what veterinary medicine is all about.  You know, it’s our profession and we have to think about our future and we want more kids to think about going into veterinary medicine.”

Dr. Rosenweig said TNT may always have a limp, but otherwise is on an excellent path to recovery.  She will be available to adopt after an eight-week healing period at the Claiborne County Animal Shelter.

The money raised by the students will be donated to the shelter for other animals in need.