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To The Small Dog at the Dog Park (But Mostly to the Owner)

by Melanie

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Dog aggression isn’t cute no matter who is being aggressive – not even the tiniest teacup pup.  Not only is it not cute, but it’s incredibly hypocritical.  Big dogs might be capable of doing more damage, but if it’s not ok for them to do it, it’s not ok for the little guys, either.


This comes from Kortney Chel Gembe (with original post below so it can continue being shared):


To the small dog at the dog park…

I don’t keep my 75-lb. pit away from you for your safety, I keep him away from you for his safety. Today at the dog park my big boy ran around with two other larger dogs; when they left there was only you left. You were a cute little fluff ball! You weren’t, however, in the section of the dog park that is for small dogs. You were on the wrong side of the fence.

We decided that it was time to go, and while I was getting Toby’s leash, he ran up to play with you. You had that little tennis ball. That is Toby’s favorite toy, too! You growled at him so he lay down on his front elbows and whined and sniffed at you, and then you bit his face. He looked taken aback and I called him over to go.

My blood went hot and your owner laughed into the phone to her friend that you had just growled at this huge dog! I didn’t find it funny. At all. She didn’t see you bite my Toby so I made sure she knew, because you see, a lot of people think that small dog syndrome is cute. That “I’m gonna growl and snap because I think I am as big as you” little attitude is adorable. I don’t.

See, if you do that to another small dog and it bites you back it is no big deal, but if my big dog tries to stand up for himself and bites you, he would be the one ridiculed. Your owner would have scooped you up in a panic and yelled at me or, God forbid, hit or kicked at my Toby. You would be babied and loved because you got bit, even though you were the one being a bully.

So, small dog at the dog park, please don’t bite at the big dogs, and to the owners of small dogs, please don’t condone small dog syndrome. If you wouldn’t want my big dog to do it to your small dog, don’t let your small dog do it to my big dog.






To the small dog at the dog park…I don’t keep my 75lb pit away from you for your safety, I keep him away from you…

Posted by Kortney Chel Gembe on Saturday, October 31, 2015