Toddler + Dog + Bubbles

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From the videographer: “This is by far one of my favorite moments with our daughter, Olivia.”

“The other day I got out her automatic bubble maker. We were dog sitting my parent’s dog, Sparky and he went nuts trying to eat the bubbles. Olivia was doubled over in laughter as she watched Sparky and tried eating the bubbles herself. This went on for about ten minutes. Here are the highlights of those ten minutes.”

13 thoughts on “Toddler + Dog + Bubbles”

  1. Me, too. It wouldn’t have taken much to rip that cute face off. I hate seeing dogs close to babies.

  2. This baby was never in any danger at all. I raised 6 kids and was doing animal rescue at the same time, and I’ve never had a dog hurt a child, even by accident. After all these years in animal rescue, it’s good to see a happy video like this. I’m sharing! <3


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