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Too Porky To Play? Not Anymore! Shiloh The Lab Drops 60 Pounds!

by Amy Drew

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image 44
What a transformation! The top pic shows Shiloh pre-diet and exercise. The bottom is his new, svelte self! Photos: SWNS


He weighed 146 pounds, way to fat to fetch! In fact, he refused to go on walks!

But with the help of his adoptive mom, Heidi Fiore, 42, Shiloh has reclaimed all of his Labrador tendencies toward playful exploration and adventure!

Shiloh was fed waaaaaay too much by his previous owners and when Fiore, a mother of three, read a plea for help on Facebook, she knew that she and her active family could help Shiloh get healthy.

In the beginning, Shiloh’s bad habits were a challenge. He would beg for snacks and lie down while on walks…!

“He would sometimes lie there for 30 minutes and I couldn’t get him up, so I would have to call my husband and we would take him home in the car,” she said. “With time he got better and now he can walk two miles. He didn’t play when we first got him. He had no interest in chasing a ball or a stick. The transformation is amazing.”

image 42
These days, the Fiores feed Shiloh sensibly and make sure he gets plenty of exercise, but he WILL steal food if he gets the chance! Photo: SWNS


The Fiores cut him down to two sensible, healthy meals a day.

After just two weeks, the 8-year-old pupper began to lose weight (8 pounds!) and nearly one year later had dropped down to 86 pounds!

His being big didn’t keep anyone from falling in love with him, of course.

“When we first saw him I thought he looked like a bear or a pig. He was enormous but he was so excited to see us – his tail was wagging,” Fiore told FOX News. “It seemed like he had no idea how big he was. We agreed he seemed like a good boy and we felt like we could help him, so we decided to take him in.”

Now, Shiloh walks two miles a day, but Fiore, a librarian in Nahant, MA, says he’s still a binge eater in his heart and will do whatever necessary to get his face into some illicit treats, even raiding the refrigerator and going through the garbage.

“He really loves food – I don’t think we’ll ever change that,” she said.