Tortured Dog Walks again after Receiving Prosthetic Legs

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Lemon Pie is as sweet as they come.  His sweet nature is probably how drug traffickers captured him and mutilated his legs.  But now he is walking again, thanks to an animal sanctuary in Mexico.

Lemon Pie, or Pay de Limon, as he is known in Spanish, was discovered in a garbage bin in Mexico City, bleeding badly after his front paws had been sawn off.  The Belgian shepherd mix was taken in by the animal sanctuary and has recently been fitted with prosthetic legs.

“The drug traffickers used to cut each one of Pay de Limon’s paws,” said sanctuary founder Patricia Ruiz.  They would pretend they were cutting the fingers of the people they kidnapped.”

“They took X-rays and saw that the cuts went down to the joints.  That’s what they did to him,” said veterinarian Osvald Vital.

But thanks to sanctuary workers, Lemon Pie’s nightmare is over, and he is a happy-go-lucky dog again.   He is nuzzling, giving kisses, jumping and playing, as if nothing had happened.  Sadly, stories like this are not uncommon in the drug trafficking world.  But at least one dog has been spared any more misery at the hands of torturers.

“Now Pay de Limon can walk, can run, and I can tell you that he has absolutely everything,” said Ruiz.  “The only thing he doesn’t have are legs, but we gave them to him.”



5 thoughts on “Tortured Dog Walks again after Receiving Prosthetic Legs”

  1. words can’t begin to describe how Im feeling…I’d like to find the MFen AHs who did this and do to them as they did to this poor animal…I cried reading this…but I can assure you I wouldn’t cry for the people who did this.

    • I have had to “unlike” your FB page, I just can’t handle the things that happen to these dogs. It is inspiring of course for the animals, but it stirs hatred in me for those that hurt them. It’s too much.

      • Anonymous,

        If you turn a blind eye to the atrocity of things humans can do to animals, how do you bring about change? All of us that love animals don’t like these stories, but how do we prove to the non-believers that the world has a real problem with humanity.

  2. I don’t know one person that isn’t aware of the atrocities done to animals and children. As the owner of a furry child I simply would be better off not having these images in my head. I applaud everything being done to stop these crimes against living beings, I simply choose not to expose my mind to the knowledge of them.

  3. Well, anonymous, you ARE burying your head in the sand and absolutley NOTHING will get done if everyone was like you.

    I guess if you saw a dog being abused or hit by a car, you would turn a blind eye because you couldn’t “stomach it.”

    Thank God there are more people out there that aren’t like you.


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