Town Mayor Threatens to Cut Power at Big Dog Ranch Rescue

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According to a press release by the Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the Town of Loxahatchee Groves in Florida is threatening to cut the power at the new facility that is not yet finished being built.  The town says that if Big Dog doesn’t stop using temporary trailers to house dogs on the property until the main facility is built, the mayor will have the power to the property cut.

The new facility at 1930 D Road is not yet completed, however, in an effort to keep doing their good work of rescuing and rehabbing animals, they put a pair of temporary trailers on the lot.  There are several dogs being cared for on the site, and work on the new facility is scheduled to be completed in October.

However, the mayor of Loxahatchee says that they are not supposed to be caring for animals in those trailers.  They were supposed to be used as construction offices while the facility is being built.  Now the mayor is saying that they have until Monday to get the dogs off of the lot, otherwise he’s having the power cut.

“It’s ludicrous for them, we’re not hurting anybody,” said Big Dog Ranch owner Lauree Simmons.  “We leash walk our dogs.  We’re not making any noise.  We’re not making any mess.  We’re doing exactly what they approved our use to be out here, an animal rescue facility.”

According to a press release from the mayor of Loxahatchee, “It is not our intent to hurt animals.  At the same time they need to abide by their agreement with the town and follow the rules.”

The rescue group is worried because if this does happen, than the dogs they are caring for could end up going into some other shelter.  It’s possible also that the animals would have to be transferred to animal control, and they could face being put down.  For now, Big Dog Ranch is trying for a temporary injunction to prevent the town from cutting them off, and putting lives in jeopardy.

You can contact the mayor of Loxahatchee, Florida via their website, by clicking here.

5.20.16 - RescueFEAT