Tramp Stamp Your Dog in NYC Style

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Upscale dog owners in New York City are turning to new decorative techniques for their beloved dogs. Cutting edge cuts are so boring and summer ready dogs need to have that extra something to make their public statements. So why not make that bare skin bark for you? Dogs have long had real tattoos of their owners’ social security numbers to protect the dogs from being lost. But now some fashionable NYC dog owners are moving way past things like baths and painted nails to temporary body art. It’s tramp-stamping for the chi-chi canine hotties.

Celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky is helping his Upper East Side clientele keep their dogs at the cutting edge of canine tattoo art. He says that when dogs get their summer shaves and short cuts they have bare skin that needs accessorizing. What better way to garner maximum attention than sport a colorful tattoo on their bum? Defenders of dog tattoo art claim that dogs get a thrill from all the positive attention of having body art. Humans give them attention which adds to doggy happiness. It’s a no pain way to gain center stage. The tattoos cost about $100 and involve only stencils and other canine-safe materials. The temporary artwork is generally applied to the dog’s hips or tailbone using stencils, canine safe glue and glitter.

The next step in this craze should be matching tattoos for human and dog companion. How about complementary tattoos for dog and doggie mom?

9 thoughts on “Tramp Stamp Your Dog in NYC Style”

  1. your dog is NOT a fashion accessory!!! would you bedazzle your child’s tender skin with glue & glitter????

  2. I thought the earrings were too much until I realized the dog in the picture is NOT real. But, in response to the groomer, if a dog’s skin has been shaved so smooth that you could apply a stencil, the dog has more problems than having a picture on his butt. Their sensitive skin would be prone to burning and possibly melanoma. They would need sunscreen not fake tattoos. A good groomer would help the owner keep the fur well groomed, not have to shave it off for the owner’s convenience. Always thought it was odd that someone would get a long haired pet but have it shaved because it was too much trouble to maintain the coat.

  3. Stupid. A better way to spend $100 bucks would be to donate the money to a shelter to have a dog spayed or neutered or FED!


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