Trapped Puppy Rescued from Underground Pipe

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On February 9, the Michigan Humane Society received a call about a one-month-old puppy in need. This is their rescue story.

3 thoughts on “Trapped Puppy Rescued from Underground Pipe”

  1. Mom and babies need a new home! I wish that they would find one and soon. Good job to those who rescued this poor little pup.

  2. Wow!! Hearing that puppy crying just broke my heart. I love the way these people came together and saved the pup. Thank you all for doing a great thing, the right thing.

  3. We will rescue puppies from pipes, but deliver premature live babies that made it through the abortion process alive, sit in hospital soiled laundry rooms. This is your America. This is your administration. This is what YOU voted for. This is where your money is going. It troubles me to say it but there is no longer a righteous man among us. We are Sodom and Gomorra.


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