Tribute to a Beloved Rescue Dog

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7.22.15 - Tribute to Rue6


From Gremlin:

This beautiful tribute is from Rue’s foster Mom:

After 15 years of being a dedicated and loving pet owner, I thought I needed a break. The first time I met Rue, I thought to myself, I should adopt her. I somehow convinced myself that she was ok, and that she didn’t need me to rescue her—who was I to determine the quality of her life?

It wasn’t a month later when I saw her again and everything changed. Now, instead of appearing healthy she was bone skinny, and had a massive ruptured tumor on her tummy. My, how things can change when we look a little closer…


7.22.15 - Tribute to Rue4


I knew something had to be done. Admittedly, an immediate flood of worry came over me as I assessed whether I could afford whatever treatment she’d need, or if I’d be able to keep her–did I even WANT to keep her??

Needless to say, Rue came home with me. With the help of The Mr. Mo Project, Rue made it back to a healthy weight and through an intensive surgery in no time, and slowly but surely Rue began to come back to life. Rue was never the ‘run around and chase you’ kind of girl and we often joked that she seemed like the saddest dog ever—but we knew she was happy. No more scavenging for food, or sleeping in a pile of her own feces. No more struggling to stay awake while keeping her hindquarters up in the air as to not feel the pain of the ruptured tumor. No longer did she have to exist in the world without feeling loved.


7.22.15 - Tribute to Rue3


Rue’s life with me was simple. She liked to spend time outside eating grass, and occasionally our fishing bait. Most of the time she slept—I assume having a comfy bed and a safe place is probably what meant the most to her. Her favorite, by far, is when we’d curl up for a movie and she could just get in my lap rest her head on my chest and just be with me. She really didn’t ask for much.

We knew it was aggressive cancer, but we hoped we could take some of the pain away and give her a happy end of life. It’s with great sadness that I must say that today, Rue lost her battle and went over the rainbow bridge. She gave me more than I could have ever hoped to give her in return, and I’m grateful for having been able to give her a happy end of life.

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90 thoughts on “Tribute to a Beloved Rescue Dog”

  1. Thank You for what you gave to Rue. My wife and I found a girl like Rue once. She needed a lot of mental and physical support…more than we might have been inclined to give if we had known what was in store for us when we took her in. I used to sit on the floor with her and sing to her “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen”. (BTW, I’m not a religious person.) I know that sounds corny. A person either gets these things or does not. In the end, that’s not what matters. As Sadie was preparing to leave us, she made it very clear that she was grateful for what we had given to her. I’ve never seen a dog that knew quite as much as she did. She KNEW that she was broken,and she knew that we had intervened on her behalf. What her eyes told us was that Kindness is the Fulfillment of the Heart. Thank You Melanie, Thank You Rue and Thank You Sadie. Peace.

  2. Thank you for your kindness and devotion and love to Rue. I’m sure she knew that what you gave her was what she was seeking. To be loved and cared for. I lost my first dog to cancer. It took a long time, but now I have another dog ( rescue) and he has helped me to not get over my losing my first dog, but live with her memory. I will miss him just as much when his time comes.!!


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