Dog Dumped at Shelter Dressed in Garbage Bag. You Won’t Believe Why

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Heartless dog owners dump dogs at local shelters everyday. The excuses shelter workers hear range from, “I’m moving and can’t take the dog with me,” “the dog barks too much,” or simply “I don’t have time for the dog.” When 15-year-old Pewee arrived at the San Bernardino, Calif., city shelter, on July 8, 2015, dressed in a white garbage bag, shelter staff couldn’t believe the lame excuse the pet owner gave when he surrendered his pet.



Pewee is a good natured dog who gets along with other dogs and children. He lived all his life as an outside dog and even though he had a place to call home, now that he was a senior pet, his owner decided he had had enough and wanted the pet gone.

The owner wrapped Pewee in a garbage bag and took him to the shelter. The man told shelter workers “he stinks,” referring to the dog, and that was the reason why he wanted to get rid of the pet.

San Bernardino shelter staff freed Pewee from his plastic outfit and discovered the dog had probably never received a proper bath and was infested with ticks.

The video of Pewee being surrendered was posted on Facebook along a note that said:
“He’s never known love from a family or a soft place to lay his head. He’s in his final years, who will be his angel?”

Luckily for Pewee, an animal lover who wishes to remain unidentified learned about the unloved dog and rushed to the shelter to adopt him. The former stinky and unwanted dog is now resting in his new home learning what it feels like to be pampered and truly loved.

199 thoughts on “Dog Dumped at Shelter Dressed in Garbage Bag. You Won’t Believe Why”

  1. When anyone gets a “pet” it becomes family. Not just something you mistreat, toss aside or just ignore..
    They give their all to and for you, all they want is to be loved. If you can’t handle that responsibility
    leave the “pets” alone. ‘

  2. Oh boy am I glad this had a happy ending ! I did something similar a couple of months ago.. I saw a photo of an 11 year old cat in a local shelter. It just broke my heart that a cat that old would live out his days in a cage , no one wants an old cat.
    So now he sleeps on my pillow. He likes to have his back scratched while I watch tv and he has commandeered the best spot on the sofa while I watch tv .. my young cat was mildly put out for about a day and now she loves him too.

  3. I wish the law would do to the people, what they do to animals. If you don’t like animals, stay away from them, it’s not necessary to harm, torture or kill. That’s so anal, really if you want to hurt something, shoot your balls off.

  4. people like this make me sick…i just buried my fur baby in may after a long illness and cant imagine how3 someone could not take care of their dog.

  5. What he told the shelter people is likely the same thing his family will say when they dump him in the nursing home (karma being the hitch she is…).

  6. The abuse of animals so routinely has just got to stop. This issue needs to be at the forefront and we need to DEMAND that our representatives address this as a major national rights issue. That sob should have been charged with abuse. If you wouldn’t do this to a child, then you shouldn’t do it to an animal and the punishments should be similar as well.


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