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Troopers Save Senior Dog Trapped Under Heavy Tree Branches

by Melanie

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11.16.14 - Troopers Save Senior Dog Pinned by Tree Limbs1
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A 14-year-old Lab named Lucy wandered away from her Greenwich, New York home one snowy night and got trapped under a big pile of fallen branches.  She was gasping for air and likely would have died, but is now safe and well thanks to some state troopers.

Lucy’s mom let her out of the house to relieve herself around 10:30, but she never came back, so she called the state police to help her find the senior dog.

Troopers followed tracks in the freshly fallen snow until they found her around 1:30 am.  A trooper heard a gasping noise coming from a wooded area.  He looked down an embankment and saw Lucy stuck under a load of tree limbs.

They freed her and brought her back home.  Though she had been distressed by the ordeal, she was not injured and didn’t need medical attention.