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Try Not to Cry… and Fail.  Twice.

by Melanie

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2.7.16 - Try Not to Cry... and Fail. Twice2


“Try not to cry… and fail.  Twice.”  That is what the caption read for the visitor post shared with us by Laura Evans.  This writer took the challenge, and definitely failed.  You’ll want to fail, too – just watch the video to see what we mean!



Here’s a little vid we made about Buster’s story. We hope this encourages people to get their animals micro-chipped, and…

Posted by Laura Evans on Wednesday, January 27, 2016




Check out Found Animals for more information on microchipping, or to register or update your pet’s information.

“Since the chip and scanner only provide an ID number, each pet owner has to keep his/her contact information registered in a national database for the chip to work. If the chip number isn’t associated with owner information, the shelter or vet will have no idea who a microchipped pet belongs to, or how to get it home. That’s the bad news of what can go wrong with microchipping. The good news is that when a microchip is registered and up-to-date, it will make reunification much easier! Shelter statistics confirm that pets are way more likely to make it home if they carry a microchip: microchipped dogs are 2.4 times more likely to get back to their families; microchipped cats are 21.4 times more likely to be reunited! It’s a no-brainer.”