Two Arizona Dogs Poisoned Weeks Apart

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A neighborhood in Phoenix, Ariz., is now on the lookout for a young man believed to have poisoned two German shepherds just one week apart.

Cynthia Johnston, who lives in a community near Grovers and 35th avenue in Phoenix, said she found her pet unconscious and foaming from the mouth in her own backyard.


Fable, a 7-month-old German shepherd was deliberately poisoned.

“My dog was laying on the ground, barely breathing, foam and blood coming out of her mouth, and that’s when I noticed she was poisoned,” Johnston told AZ Family News.

Just a week before another German shepherd had also been poisoned in the same neighborhood.

Neighborhood watch coordinator Kim Allen says she can’t imagine anyone doing that to animals, but the reality is that there is someone in the neighborhood hurting innocent pets.

Johnston remembers seeing a man running between the neighboring home and her own, and when she went to investigate she found her own pet dead in her backyard.

“[Fable] was very special to me,” said Johnston. “She was going to be trained as a therapy dog.”

The neighborhood is now on high alert and they hope the animal abuser is caught and punished for the crimes he has committed. For now the only thing residents can do is keep their pets safe. Everyone is advised to watch for any suspicious individuals roaming the neighborhood and call the authorities to make a report.


3 thoughts on “Two Arizona Dogs Poisoned Weeks Apart”

  1. The person who poisoned fable and the other dog is a animal hater and a jerk he should be arrested and put in jail for a good amount of time to think about what he did and feel sorry for the family he tore apart and even pay for a funeral

  2. What a horrible thing to happen. Your pets should be safe in your own backyard. Did you hear the story about the Vietnamese villagers who caught the SOBs that were stealing their pets for the meat market. They lynched them!!!! Thats what needs to happen to this piece of crap!


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