Two Chihuahuas Covered In Glue Need Your Help

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In Nasville, Tenn., a landlord headed out to check on one of his abandoned properties and when he got to there he was not prepared for the scene he found. There were two abandoned Chihuahuas inside the home, covered in blue plumber’s glue and left to their own faith.

The discovery was made on Jan 29, 2014, and the concerned property owner immediately called authorities to have the pets rescued and to seek justice for the innocent pets.

Chihuahua covered in blue plumber's glue.
Chihuahua covered in blue plumber’s glue.


Animal control officers are currently investigating the case and they hope the community can step in to help catch the criminals.

The two dogs are female Chihuahuas, who unfortunately got the majority of their bodies painted with the strong adhesive. The dried glue caused them a lot of pain. Veterinarians at Metro Animal Control had to shave off some of the hardened glue.

According to veterinarian Dottie Dively, it could take weeks for the rest of the glue to come off the dogs’ bodies.

The innocent pets have been named Sapphire and Opal.

“There’s no reason to do this to an animal,” cruelty investigator Billy Biggs told WKRN News.

Authorities believe the crime was committed by juveniles taking advantage of the abandoned and unsupervised home.

If you have any information that can lead to an arrest, please call Metro Animal Control at 615-862-7928.

Opal and Sapphire will be available for adoption in a few weeks.


6 thoughts on “Two Chihuahuas Covered In Glue Need Your Help”

  1. What could possibly make a human being do this to a defenceless animal? What is missing in your heart? I pity you. You deserve the worst punishment allowed by law for doing something so cruel.

  2. I hate people! Animals are just as important! Sick individuals who did this. I would love to give both of these babies a life they deserve. I can’t imagine how they got abandoned like that. They are beautiful!

  3. I hope that you receive this message. .keep rubbing coconut oil on is nonharmful to them..the old will help loosen the glue and help their skin stay also works as a antifungal and antiseptic. …it will help them tremendously. ..

    • Great idea Michelle, I will keep it in mind for glue stuck. Let us all hope these disgusting monsters are caught.

  4. These two are now in good hands- when trying to understand man you will only go crazy. Just know that no one leaves this earth without paying and who ever did this will get their own suffering in due time. So- Dear Sapphire and Opal, I wish you two a speedy recovery and may you both only know happiness and goodness from human beings from this day forward.


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