Two Dogs Covered in Hot Tar Rescued

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7.16.14 - Two Dogs Covered in Tar Rescued1

Two boxer-beagle mixes, sister and brother, have been rescued from an abandoned plant in Ohio where they were found covered head to toe in tar.  They’ve been cleaned up and taken to a vet to be treated for second-degree chemical burns and severe eye irritation, but could use some help with their medical expenses.

Oden was found on a street in East Liverpool, Ohio, covered in the gooey substance and suffering from chemical burns and an eye infection.  He was taken in by a rescue group and brought to Ashleigh’s Dog Grooming at Safari Dog in Chester, West Virginia. It took nine hours to clean his fur completely.

A couple days later, his sister Miley was found in an abandoned plant close to where Oden was rescued.  She was also taken in and given the same treatment.

7.16.14 - Two Dogs Covered in Tar Rescued2

Dacar Industries in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, owns the decrepit building, which still has a number of chemicals inside.  HAZMAT and other agencies are currently investigating.

“When we got here we saw some loose chemicals, and we could smell a strong chemical smell from the facility,” said Ryan Estell, the director of East Liverpool Safety Services.

The tar-like substance was identified as a chemical adhesive.  It is not suspected that the dogs were intentionally tarred, but police will continue to look into the matter.

7.16.14 - Two Dogs Covered in Tar Rescued3

“This is a public hazard for these animals… if children get in them, it’s letting off a lot of chemicals, so this needs to be addressed,” groomer Ashleigh Yoho Deal said.  “It needs to be cleaned up.  We can’t be doing this for these dogs.  It’s horrible – they shouldn’t have to go through this.”

Yoho Deal is hoping for donations to help with Oden and Miley’s medical expenses.  They also need towels, olive oil, baby oil, WD40 and anything else to help clean the dogs.

If you would like to donate, please CLICK HERE.  If you would like to see updates on the dogs, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Two Dogs Covered in Hot Tar Rescued”

  1. Really, Seems like an irresponsible pet owner to me. You don’t deserve a pet or a child for that matter. My furry friends are always on a lease when outside of our yard or within our fenced yard for their protection and others. I ALWAYS know where they are and what they are doing. I have a boarder collie and a beegle. Shame on you for “bad parenting” Would you allow your real children to wonder off or in the back yard without supervising???? How long were they gone before they were found in that horrible horrible condition? That kind of damage did not occur in a short amount of time. Get real, if you knew there was a dangerous plant nearby you should have been even more cautious. SHAME ON YOU! Having an animal is a privledge,not a right! You don’t deserve another animal. Respect is all they deserve and you could not even give them that. Lisa Ruozzo sounds like she is an irresponsible pet owner as well. Why were they in the back yard unattended Lisa??????


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