Two Dogs Survive the Big Wave

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A massive tsunami destroyed most of the neighborhood in Sendai where Kayo Kikuchi and her dogs live.

Miraculously, the two dogs, Towa and Melody, have survived the big wave and subsequent destruction of the village around them. WSJ’s Daisuke Wakabayashi and Lam Thuy Vo report.

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30 thoughts on “Two Dogs Survive the Big Wave”

  1. I can’t believe the dogs were left tied up! Amazing that they managed to get loose otherwise they would not have made it. What were these people thinking?

  2. It is truly amazing they survived in spite of their owners. Why they even tie them up in the first place in a basement I have to wonder about. But I guess in the calamity of an earthquake, people don’t have time to think. Glad they made it.
    I wonder about the poor dog that wouldn’t leave his hurt friend. All the people milling around and no one helps him?

    • I read that the two dogs in Japan, one injured and his companion were rescued by the people who found them. The white injured one is in an animal hospital the other in a home close by.

  3. I agree with everyone here, why in the world, knowing that water was coming, did they leave their dogs tied up in the basement! I am horrified. I understand they had to leave them, although I personally would do whatever I could to bring them with me, but why not at least turn them loose so that they could find their way to high ground. Dogs are smart, they know how to survive better than most people. But, this makes me wonder if this is a common practice in Japan and if so, how many dogs perished because their owners left them tied up to drown.

    This is so upsetting!!!!!

    • so sad!! Poor dogs to be left by their stupid ‘owners’, and even tied them up, why are humans so stupid. I’m sure these dogs have unconditional love for their pitiful owners still, I feel sorry for them and other animals that have such thoughtless owners, they would never had done that to them, they would have stayed by their side to the end!!!

  4. WTF…tied & left…yeah,real concern there. So very stupid. Where i go my furrys go,or not at all. Shamefull

  5. While I understand you believe this could not happen to you, some of these people had less than 5 minutes between the water coming in and the homes being destroyed. I saw a Japanese TV film that took just over 6 minutes from dry streets to homes being lifted and floating away.

    As the father on this video said, while trying to get all the family to safety the dogs were left behind. They do not sound like uncaring people- they sound like people who have survived something most of will thankfully never know.

    I don’t know why the dogs were tied and I do believe I would at minimum let my dogs go free to have the best chance. But I am saying that from the safety of my home with my dogs lying at my feet.

    Reality is not always as pretty.

    • But they still had the time to make sure that the dogs are tied in the basement.
      We went through horrible thing ten years ago, and it never crossed our mind to leave our pets. It took me three (!) minutes to prepare them and all our necessary things.
      Wonder how much it takes to put a leach on two dogs, take them to the basement, tie them, and leave.
      Yes, reality sucks. Now the whole world knows about Ms. Kayo and her family’s heroic efforts to save themselves. And the dogs… are they replaceable as chairs, or they are four-legged beings with big hearts full of love?

    • BUT, if they only had minutes, then why take the TIME to tie the dogs up. The were big enough keep up with their humans.


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