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Two-legged Chihuahuas Get New Wheels


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Born without front legs, three disabled Chihuahuas from Massachusetts are on the move and enjoying a new taste freedom with the help of custom fitted wheelchairs from a local manufacturer.

The Methuen SPCA took in the dogs in February after their owner passed away. Homes were found for all three, and now they’ve returned to the shelter for a special reunion – and to pick up their new rides.

Echo, Ellie and Gulliver were each fitted with customized mobility carts made by Shelburne Falls manufacturer, Eddie’s Wheels. With angled wheels and off-road tires, the carts will allow the dogs to traverse uneven terrain with stability and confidence.

“Now she can keep up with our other Chihuahua,” said Laura Mehigan. The Tewksbury woman adopted Echo two months ago.

According to Noble Family Animal Care and Adoption Center director Mike Keiley it should not take long for the adopted dogs to adapt to their mobility carts given their sense of adventure. “They’ll build that muscle and they’ll build that confidence, and with training and support they’ll be great,” Keiley said. “It became very clear that these dogs did not notice they have a disability. They were trying to be as mobile as they could and had a great spirit for life.”

A video from March of this year shows the dogs being cared for shortly after their arrival.