Two Sick Puppies Walk Into Hospital Seeking Treatment

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Doctors and staff at a Corpus Christi, Texas hospital were shocked when two emaciated puppies walked into the lobby and waited to be seen.

puppyChristus Spohn Shoreline Hospital is not in the business of treating animals, but that did not prevent hospital staff from giving the wandering youngsters some well deserved special treatment. They were noticed after they arrived and joined other patients waiting to be seen.

It was apparent from their protruding ribs that neither of the pups had been fed for some time, so while calls were made to try to find homes for the dogs, they enjoyed feasting on sausage and bacon from the hospital cafeteria.

The Gulf Coast Humane Society eventually agreed to take the puppies, so after showering them with treats and affection, Dr. Jim Cato carried them to the back of a waiting news van that would whisk them away to their final destination. The Humane Society said that the pups should be available in a matter of weeks.

Call it luck, fate, or what have you: Dr. Cato thinks the dogs were just smart. “I think they heard that we give good, compassionate care here,” he said.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in adopting one of the puppies, please visit the Gulf Coast Humane Society.