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Two Stray Dogs Change a Man’s Life

by Katherine

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Gonzalo Sazo never imagined that his inspiration to live life to the fullest and to get out and travel would come from two strays he rescued off the streets of Punta Arenas, Chile, but today, the man who once struggled with depression, enjoys life and travels on a bike along his two rescue dogs and best friends.

The 36-year-old man told El Patagonico that his life changed after he rescued his pets. In 2006, he found an abandoned, female toy mixed Poodle wandering the city streets. He noticed the pet had an injury on her tail and feeling bad for the stray animal, he picked her up and took her to a vet.

Gpnzalo Sazo along Valentina and Dingo. Photo credit: El Patagonico
Gpnzalo Sazo along Valentina and Dingo. Photo credit: El Patagonico

At the veterinarian, Sazo learned someone attempted to cut the dog’s tail but failed. The failed attempt left the pooch with a deep injury that required medical attention. Sazo paid for the dog’s medical care and kept the pet. He named her Valentina.

A year later, the animal lover came across a black dog that had no other option but to drag his body as he walked all alone the city’s streets. Knowing the pet was in excruciating pain and no one seemed interested in helping the injured homeless dog, Sazo took the pet to a vet. A medical examination diagnosed the dog with a forced blunt trauma to the spine that left him paralyzed.

Since the dog was a stray the veterinarian recommended putting him to sleep, but Sazo refused and took him home instead. The rescuer worked in a mechanic shop and on his free time built his second rescue dog – whom he named Dingo – a doggy wheel cart.

As Sazo struggled with depression, it was Dingo and Valentina who pulled him out of his “black hole,” and thanks to the pets Sazo learned to see life differently.

“Life is too short and we must try to make our dreams come true,” said Sazo.

After overcoming his depression the man and his two rescue dogs decided to travel. At first Sazo tried hitchhiking but founded too difficult because not too many people were willing to give him a lift when he had two, four-legged companion pets. That’s when the dog rescuer decided to modify a bike, creating a doggy wagon for Valentina and Dingo.

Sazo pulls his friends along on his road trips. They travel the country and he does odd jobs here and there to cover their expenses. Best of all, after constructing Dingo’s wheelchair and seeing first hand how much mobility and better quality of life Dingo gained, Sazo builds wheelchairs for dogs in need. These wheelchairs are at no cost for those pets in need.

Sazo might have changed Valentina’s and Dingo’s lives, and consequently the former strays changed this man’s life too, but now the three of them are out changing other dogs’ lives.