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Two Students Investigate Mysteriously Large Number of Highway Deaths


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Warning: Video contains graphic content due to the nature of the story.

Two students, Jessica Petty and Stephanie Birrell, aka “the highway girls”, go on the hunt to figure out why dogs keep dying on the side of Detroit’s highways. Detroit apparently has an unusually large number of dogs that die on highways compared to other such cities and it is yet to be determined if this is solely due to the large stray population there or if the deaths are linked.

Jessica and Stephanie take down as much information as possible from the dogs’ bodies in order to investigate. Some dogs are fortunately found alive and rescued but most are already dead by the time Jessica and Stephanie arrive.


This film is part of a series being put on by the World Animal Awareness Society’s American Strays Project. The American Strays series highlights the situation of strays in Detroit and the efforts being made on their behalf.