Book Your Pup a DogVacay When You Travel

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130805-dog-vacay2Your dog is practically your furry child, and a part of your family. When it’s time for you to go out of town for a few days, knows how important it is for your best friend to be in the most loving and responsible care possible. Forget the kennel, and board your dog in a real home! was founded by a husband and wife team (and their two puppies) who didn’t believe in paying hundreds of dollars to leave their dogs in a cage at the kennel. They began by opening up their own home to guest pooches and realized it was the start of something special. Eventually dog lovers across the country applied to host dogs in their own homes as part of the community. has been praised for revolutionizing pet care and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and other major news outlets.

130805-dog-vacay1With thousands of vetted and insured dog sitters nationwide, is ready to care for your dog like a member of their family. Simply browse through dog sitters in your area, then schedule and book online. All reservations include FREE pet insurance, 24/7 customer support, daily photo updates, and a 100% money back guarantee. With an impressive number of 5-star reviews and prices that average half of the local kennel, you can finally travel with peace of mind.

This isn’t just dog boarding, but it’s a home away from home for your favorite animal. Beyond providing a superior dog boarding alternative, the awesome pet care providers on offer services that include pet sitting in your home, doggie day care, walking, training, and more. They can accommodate dogs with even the most unique needs – from hyperactive puppies to dogs with aggression to senior dogs that require medication.

Visit their website or call the Concierge Team (1-855-DOG-VACAY) to learn more about finding the perfect dog lover to suit your needs.

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7 thoughts on “Book Your Pup a DogVacay When You Travel”

  1. Really? You are supposed to be looking out for the welfare of pets. Supporting a pyramid scheme that encourages unreported income and boarding at home environments that have not been screened for airborne’s, dogs screened for health, many of the home owners have no dog experience, do not have a working relationship with local vets because they are operating illegally, might have kids who are careless and don’t keep the pets in, people pet-sitting have lost other’s dogs, there is no agency to oversee the facility or caretakers. The pet owners have no recourse if anything happens to their pet.

    Love your pet, leave PetVacay for those who work under legal operating perimeters, don’t want their income tracked and fail to meet any standards of safety or care.

    Shame on you Life with Dogs for even encouraging illegal home boarding where there is no oversight or recourse if anything happens. Shame on you.

    • that’s pretty unfair to slam a whole industry with no proof.

      My nephew and his wife do this and he works for the FBI and she is teacher.

      They are very responsible and love animals, which you have to with this type work.

      Excuse be if I call you a major butthead, butthead.

    • Just because you have a license doesn’t mean that you provide quality care. The only ones who complain about DogVacay are the jealous and sore-loser kennel owners. And Yolanda made an EXCELLENT point! I’ve heard more mishaps happening in “licensed” (“government certified” or whatever BS you want to call it) kennel businesses than I’ve ever read about from people’s experiences using DogVacay. Your claim is completely fabricated.

      And by the way, I am a licensed and insured pet sitter. And just because I have a license doesn’t mean that the quality of the pet care I provide is vouched.

  2. Really, and what about the kennel owners who care less about your dog, don’t even tell you if your dog has had diarrhea from being completely stressed. Who charge you for 10 minutes play time, giving medicine and walks and then leave the kennel for the night, caring less if a dog gets sick? Granted, if dogs could choose, they would rather be in a home. Studies have shown the level of noise in shelter and kennels is unbearable and the stress in dogs is high, why pay for a dog to be locked up in a cage all day? Also, FYI the airborne disease you refer to is probably kennel cough, which is more common in dogs locked up in kennels and even the vaccine doesn’t cover all strains.

  3. We board dogs for Dog Vacay and my hubby is a veteran and former federal agent, and I am a dog trainer. Many people choose us over the kennel because their dogs are happier in our home and yard. Trust me, we have had dogs who got sick at the kennel because they were too stressed. Out last guest was taken to the ER because at the kennel he vomited non stop from being overwhelmed. He did perfectly fine in our home. Another guest didn’t eat for 4 days at kennel, but ate readily in our home. We also have dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and don’t do well with other dogs. I am not sure why you are assuming people are not experienced.

  4. People who “love their dogs”, don’t like to think them locked up in a cage and barking/whining all day! How can you enjoy your vacation thinking about that? Would you rather have your child closed in a crib or having fun at summer camp?

  5. It is illegal in the State of New Jersey to watch dogs at a persons’ home without a license. This means that all the people in New Jersey part of DogVacay are performing an illegal job/service. Certainly, DogVacay does not make a minimum effort to require such a license to their members/hosts, otherwise they will have no business/profit whatsoever. Mr. Aaron Hirschhorn and Karine Nissim Hirschhorn his wife, do not have a minimum care for dogs. They found the perfect opportunity to make money(DogVacay has raised a total of $47 million in venture funding 2014) and they took it, without considering the consequences: many dogs lost, dogs getting bitten; pet sitters getting bitten; people with no experience or love for dogs or enough knowledge/training watching dogs for profit; this type of service is illegal in most states.


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