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Two-Year-Old Took His Dog for a Walk Like a Big Boy, but Forgot to Tell Anyone He Was Going

by Fred

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3.30.17 Two Year Old Takes Dog for a Walk
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According to news reports out of Ionia County, Michigan, a two-year-old boy decided he was going to adult and take his dog for a walk.  As cute as that is, one could imagine the panic his parents were feeling when they couldn’t find him or the dog anywhere on the property, because apparently, he forgot to tell anyone that he was going.

The county sheriff’s office was alerted to the problem at about 11:17 am on March 29th.  The Ionia County Search and Rescue Team was dispatched right away, while the sheriff’s deputies reported to the family’s home to take statements and search the immediate surrounding area.

Many people were there to assist their neighbors in their time of need.  Thankfully, at about half-past noon a neighbor called in a tip saying they saw the boy and his dog not far from their home.  The boy’s father was searching in that proximity on his ATV, so police got in contact with him and he raced over to see if they were still there.

As luck would have it, they were.  The family was very happy that they were safe.  Both the dog and the boy had a medical assessment done were found to be in perfect shape.

A press release from the sheriff’s department said, “The child decided that he wanted to take the dog for a walk and had placed a leash on the dog and exited the home.  The child and dog were found together, unharmed.”