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Two Young Brothers Bake and Sell Dog Biscuits to Support Pet Rescue Organizations


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Thomas and Zack, seen here with their dog Duke, have raised over $13 000 for various pet rescue organizations by selling their dog biscuits.


Two young boys from Georgia are stepping forward and doing their part to prevent animals from being homeless.

Brothers, Zack and Thomas Eller, have been selflessly making and selling “Woof ‘Em Down” dog biscuits to raise money to help animals in need.

Now a senior in high school, Zack’s compassion for animals started at a young age. At only 6 years old, Zack asked friends to bring dog food to his birthday party instead of buying him presents. Zack later donated all the dog food to an animal shelter.

“I just wanted to help out more after that so I started volunteering,” he said. “One day I just took dog biscuits to the dogs there and sold them to the people who would foster the dogs or buy the dogs.”

Thomas was inspired by his older brother, and quickly became involved. For as long as he can remember, Thomas, who is now in middle school, has helped his brother make the dog biscuits. Thomas has even helped organize charity events, such as “Pet Trick Day”, that took place last weekend.

The boys make the dog biscuits from peanut butter, flour, eggs, milk, applesauce and sesame seeds. They also throw in a big dose of their special ingredient, “And lots of love,” Thomas said.

Zack and Thomas often participate in farmers markets, as well as other local functions, to sell and promote their dog biscuits. Their biscuits are so popular, they usually have to make at least 3000 biscuits at the beginning of the summer, just to prepare for all the events.

Zack and Thomas sell their biscuits at various events.




The profit from their biscuits goes straight to various pet rescue organizations. So far, the brothers have raised over $13 000, all of which they’ve donated to organizations such as Mostly Mutts and Dr. Michael Good at the local vet clinic.

“We just make as much money as we can to help the homeless pets,” Zack said.

Their hard work has not gone unnoticed. To date, both Zack and Thomas have won awards for their efforts. Most notably, Zack won the middle school State Honoree in the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. In addition, both boys were grand prize winners in the Disney Wondertime Magazine and Points of Light foundation “Littlest Volunteers” contest back in 2008.

You can buy the biscuits through their website,

Biscuits cost $2 for 5 biscuits, $4 for 10, $8 for 20 and $15 for 40.