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UC Davis Veterinary Hospital Helps Blind Rescue Dog See


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hankUC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital is helping blind dogs see again. They helped a 5-year-old German shorthaired pointer named Hank see again.

Hank was rescued by the NorCal GSP Rescue when it was discovered that he had cataracts in both his eyes and could only see some light and shadows. Eye Care For Animals in Santa Rosa referred Hank to UC Davis where doctors successfully restored his vision with cataract surgery. The change in Hank was apparent right away.

“Hank’s eyes are healing well,” said ophthalmology resident Dr. Stephanie Moore. “When Hank first came to us, he was a shy and timid dog, but no he’s as playful as a puppy again. It’s very rewarding to see our work change the lives of so many dogs and their owners.

NorCal GSP was thrilled with the results, as Hank happily stared out the window the entire ride back from UC Davis taking in all the things he hadn’t been able to see. Hank has found a permanent home and his new family will continue to use UC Davis for his eye care follow-ups.

Hank’s surgery was made possible in part to donations made to the School of Veterinary Medicine’s “Compassionate Care Funds,” which helps families with the cost of treating sick or injured animals and to treat shelter animals brought to UC Davis. If you would like to donate to help dogs like Hank visit the fund’s website.