Underage Wannabe-Robber Trapped in Bedroom Thanks to Hero Dog

by Katherine

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On November 16, 2013, an unidentified, underage Argentinean male decided to break into a Buenos Aires home to take a few belongings. Never did he expect the family dog would defend the property, trapping the robber inside a bedroom, until homeowners and police officers arrived to arrest him.

It was 3:45 p.m. and the wannabe robber walked passed the intersection of Alpatacal and Juan Gualberto Godoy Street a few times making sure no one was around. Once the assailant determined it was safe for him to approach the house, he forced himself in through a side window.

Once inside he browsed through the house until he reached a bedroom, which he ransacked taking just a few items.

Patán the hero dog poses with his owner's son in Buenos Aires Argentina.
Patán the hero dog poses with his owner’s son in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


At that moment the homeowners, husband, wife, daughter and a friend, arrived home. The husband noticed the side window was opened and a metal bar, used to prop open the window was on the floor. Immediately he advised his family to stay outside and call police while he entered the house to investigate.

Once inside the house, the homeowner found his brave dog, Patán, barking louder and more aggressively more than his usual. The hero canine wanted to make sure his human knew there was someone inside the bedroom.

Patán and his owner walked towards the bedroom and when they opened the door they found the young robber who was petrified at the sight of the brave dog. Patán growled, barked, and showed his white, menacing teeth.

The homeowner realized the robber was fearful of Patán and noticed the boy did not have a weapon on him. He grabbed the wannabe robber and punished him as only his mother would have – with a well deserved spanking.

The young boy had stolen a wrist watch and while spanked he said he only did it because he had eight younger brothers and they needed money to purchase food. The homeowner did not accept this excuse and neither did Patán, who continued barking at the robber.

Soon after, police officers arrived and the young robber was arrested.