University Adopts Full-Time Wellness Dog to Help Students and Faculty De-Stress

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College is a really big part of some people’s life.  They go away to a school for many years, work really hard (and rack up tons of debt!) towards a degree and hopefully a fulfilling career.  Talk about a pressure cooker!  Well, to help some of its students and faculty de-stress, USC has adopted a full-time wellness dog.

Beau is the first dog at USC to have an official title.  Along with being the first “wellness dog” at the college, he even has his own office hours, business cards and an official Twitter page (click here to see it).  He works out of USC’s Engemann Student Health Center, and students and faculty are welcome to come by and spend some time with him when needed.

Beau is not just there to be a furry best friend at USC.  The goal is to hopefully get the students to make fuller use of the other wellness services offered by the school.  Beau is also not only for the students.  Anyone feeling the stress of college life is welcome to make an appointment, or just drop by and spend some time with Beau.

And Beau really loves the attention.  Of course, most dogs would, however, he seems to be very well suited to the school environment.  Hopefully, other schools will see the therapeutic benefits of having a wellness dog on campus.

Beau was adopted by and is funded through the Trojan League of Los Angeles.  Click here for more information on them and their student wellness mission.