UPDATE: 20-Year-Old Dog Dumped at Shelter Adopted

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Freedom ride!!
Freedom ride!!


A few days ago we told you about Jin Do, a Korean Jindo that was surrendered to the same Baldwin Park Shelter she was adopted from years before.  We are pleased to tell you that her sad story touched so many hearts that she was adopted within days of being dropped off.

Jin Do is a 20 years and 11 months old, and isn’t new to the Baldwin Park Shelter – she was adopted from there years ago, but now her family has surrendered her.

Carla brought her own frosty-faced dog to help put Jin Do at ease.
Carla brought her own frosty-faced dog to help put Jin Do at ease.


The reason for the surrender is a mystery, but it has been said that the family is moving.  Many people have a few choice comments to make about dumping a senior dog at a shelter, but it is worth remembering that her family may have faced no other choice and may be heartbroken about having to make the decision to give her up.

Many people pledged money to rescue groups to keep her safe, and one woman, Carla Toutz, rushed over to the shelter to get her.  But they wanted to keep her for temperament testing, saying that she’s a “dominant breed.”  In the end they let Carla take her, as long as she signed a waiver.

Jin Do appeared to have been unfamiliar with dog beds and blankets, but quickly learned to love Carla's Posturpedic dog bed.
Jin Do appeared to have been unfamiliar with the concept of dog beds and blankets, but quickly learned to love Carla’s Posturpedic dog bed.


“In line to pay!  She’s being bathed by the world’s kindest (and helpful) volunteer,” Carla said on the Facebook thread, giving followers up-to-the-minute updates.   “She’s sooooooooo sweet. I was helping bathe her until one of the sergeants saw and said I had to go lol. So I’m in line to get her.”

Carla was not going to keep Jin Do, but volunteered to get her out of there before it was too late so another woman, Julie Miller, could adopt her.

Settling into her new surroundings.
Settling into her new surroundings.


“She and her amazing family have done hospice at home for dogs before so this Jin Do has hit the jackpot!  Will send photos as soon as we get into my SUV (which has a special contraption to keep senior dogs from falling onto the floor),” Carla said.

Julie is also friends with a veterinarian.  Had she not stepped up, Carla gladly would have kept her; she has dealt with the death of senior dogs and was prepared to take on Jin Do.

Making a new friend - a furless sibling.
Making a new friend – a furless sibling.


“Jin Do will join our family with our ten-year-old, one-eyed diabetic, hairless Chihuahua and Labradoodle pup who is lost without her big senior companion who passed just two days ago,” Julie commented. “We’ll love Jin Do as long as she’ll allow us. She’ll be visiting Shadowridge Veterinary Hospital in Vista on Tuesday for a full check-up.”

Now she is settling in with her new family, and will hopefully have a very happy rest of her life.

Jin Do's new spot that she's claimed.
Jin Do’s new spot that she’s claimed.


All photos property of Carla Toutz and Julie Miller.



3 thoughts on “UPDATE: 20-Year-Old Dog Dumped at Shelter Adopted”

  1. Julie is a real champion for all dogs, having saved over 400 dogs herself, through her rescue. Jin Do has found a family with infinite love to give, and she couldn’t be in better hands! Way to go Julie and Carla!

  2. Hello,

    I read the story that you printed about Jin Do initially, and I was deeply concerned for the dog’s welfare. I remember feeling a little judgemental toward any owner(s) that would want to get rid of a dog when its that old, but in your first article you reminded myself and all your readers how we shouldn’t conclude the worst about them: something about ‘having a few choice remarks’ about a dog owner that would abandon thier beloved family pet, but rather we should keep in mind we don’t know the circumstances over which this might have had to occur. I thought that was a very insightful remark, especially a lot of what you report on is what is happening that is bad for the dogs you’re running stories on.

    The word ‘dumped’ in the headline about the update on Jin Do’s redemption to a happy home pretty much suggests that you had a second opinion about the former owner or owners. Is that true? Did you find something out concerning Jin Do being left at a shelter? The term ‘dumped’ doesn’t paint a very good portrait of how the owner(s) behaved or cared about their pet IMO, so I was just curious…


  3. No matter what the reason was…what is important is that Jindo has a loving place to forever live out her natural life. It was a blessing, Period.


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