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Update: Clarence Path to Regaining Mobility

by Katherine

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This past December we brought you the story of Clarence, a 1-year-old, gray, fluffy dog with a spinal injury that Society of Humane Friends of Georgia Inc. (SOHFGA) rescued from Dekalb County Animal Services, in Georgia.

Read “Clarence Wishes to Walk Again” to learn more.

Clarence. Photo Credit: Society of Humane Friends of Georgia Inc
Clarence. Photo Credit: Society of Humane Friends of Georgia Inc

SOHFGA wanted to help Clarence walk again, but for this, they needed an MIR that would determine if his spinal injury could be fixed with surgery.

After our article published, SOHFGA received enough donations to cover the MRI’s cost, unfortunately the results showed that Clarence injury was not repairable.

“We didn’t get the news we were hoping for,” said SOHFGA. “Clarence appears to have some mild, bilaterally symmetric changes of the white matter in his brain. These are most consistent with either metabolic or degenerative neurological disease. Most likely, Clarence has a genetic, degenerative neurological disease and there are really no good, clinically applied treatments for these types of disorders.”

The care and love Clarence has received at his foster home has improved his mobility a bit. He is able to take a few steps while he is outside on grass, but not indoors on solid floors. The vets were encouraged by his appearance on his follow up exam, but they know that surgery will not help him walk again.

“He is bright-eyed, mentally alert, and has a strong will to live,” said SOHFGA. “[Clarence] may have plateau at his current level of function, or he may continue to worsen with time. His life expectancy is unknown – it could be weeks, months, or it could be years. Only time will tell.”

The good news is that Clarence was measured for a customized quad wheel cart, which will allow him better mobility when he is outside. Some of the left-over funds collected for his MRI will help cover part of the wheel cart cost.

According to SOHFA,  the cart will allow Clarence to enjoy some freedom and not constantly tip over and crash to the ground when he attempts to walk.

The wheel cart, costing $800-$1200, will be ordered in the upcoming weeks. If you would like to donate directly to Clarence’s Cart Fund, you may do so at

“While we are a little disheartened that our little buddy’s neurological troubles aren’t curable, we have great hope that whatever time Clarence has left on earth will be the very best quality it can be.”