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UPDATE: Disabled Pup Is Making Wonderful Recovery

by Melanie

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Last month we told you about Landis, the dog whose legs were badly disabled from living in a tiny cage.  Since he was rescued, he has been making lots of progress, and now he’s ready for a home!


1.10.15 - Update on Landis1


From Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs:

Landis saw our amazing orthopedic specialist/surgeon late yesterday. He said that since Landis’ legs have continued to show improvement since we first rescued him & he believes he will continue to improve moving forward. He does not believe we should do surgery at this time because, the surgery is very painful for the dog & he is regaining tone in his legs. Aside from the surgery being painful, the plates put in often need to be surgically removed after 1-2 years. His legs will never be perfect, but Landis is happy and not in pain and that is what is most important.

What he does recommend is that Landis go to a home where he will not be forced to walk on concrete or other hard surfaces because of his pressure sores. A home with a fenced in backyard and lots of soft grass would be awesome for Landis. That way, he would not have to worry about being walked on concrete.





We also feel that Landis would benefit greatly from hydrotherapy, so if you are able to offer that, it’s a bonus.

Of course we want the very best for this amazing dog who has captured the hearts of so many. We are currently accepting adoption applications on him, so if you want to throw your hat in the ring, please go to now to apply. Please read above and make sure your home is a proper fit. Landis is good with dogs and kids, despite his condition. We are working on apps that we currently have. He has forever offers, so no foster will be needed. Thank you for your ongoing support of this lovebug!

Follow Landis’ progress on his Facebook page.