UPDATE: Dying Dog Rescued from Houston Highway Adopted

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6.30.14 - UPDATE Dying Dog Rescued from Houston Highway Adopted1

We covered Elvis’ amazing rescue a short while ago.  To see the original story click here.

6.30.14 - UPDATE Dying Dog Rescued from Houston Highway Adopted2

Usually, flying solo in an HOV lane is not a good idea, and will land you at least a citation for your efforts.  For Elvis, it was a ticket to a loving, forever home with a new family.

“We saw the dog on the news,” said Isaac Elizondo.

When we originally covered the story of Elvis’ rescue, we were captivated by the heroics of the officers who blocked off rush hour traffic to save him.  One might say Elvis earned his rock star name and status that day.

When no one came forward to claim him, he was put up for adoption.

“We had so many interested parties – people who wanted to reach out to help him be part of a new family – so we had a drawing,” said Dallas Animal Services manager Jody Jones.

Elizondo and his Jennifer were the lucky winners of the drawing, and got to bring Elvis home.  Elizondo said Elvis has “been through a lot… more than he should have been through.  But he’s going to have a really nice home and a big yard to play in.”


5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Dying Dog Rescued from Houston Highway Adopted”

  1. The dog in the 1st story was described as a yellow lab, the dogs here look like German shepherds. Why don’t they match?

  2. This information was provided by news media outlet actually in Texas. The information is exactly what was provided to the general public, and reported here as such. If they don’t appear to match I apologize, but we can only report on information provided to the general public via legitimate news media outlets. You are most likely better off contacting the news station that provided the video for an answer to this, than asking here. Thank you, and have a happy day. 🙂

  3. The update provided here is not for the dog that was lying on the road and saved by a kind man. The update is actually for a german shepherd (Elvis) that was running down I-35 and the correct update for him was posted today – July 2nd and is titled I-35 German Shepherd Gets Rescued and Adopted. This update should be deleted with hope that a true update can be provided for the dog that was lying in the road. Thanks.


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