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UPDATE: Glory the One-Legged Dog Gets Three Prosthetic Limbs


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gloryA stray dog that was badly beaten to the point where she had to have both her front paws and part of one of her hind leg amputated is getting a chance to walk again.

Last month we brought you the story of Glory, a stray dog from Romania that was badly abused. A woman who had been trying to care for her rushed her to a vet where both she had to have amputations to three of her legs.

Vanessa Bamkin saw Glory’s pictures online and vowed to save the 4-year-old dog. Bamkin and her husband Roger paid for Glory’s vaccinations and then went to Romania and brought her home to the UK.

The Bamkin’s hoped to give Glory a more comfortable life and did some fundraising online. They were shocked when over £4,000 was donated. This enabled them to equip Glory with three prosthetics, the first triple prosthesis in Europe.

Since Glory is the first triple prosthesis there will be some trial and error in getting her adjusted to the new legs. Once Glory is fitted with her new legs Bamkin will take video of Glory on her new legs for the experts at OrthoPets so they can make any adjustments and adaptations.

“It will not be a case of putting three new legs on Glory and then she will just run off into the sunset – it’s a long-term project,” said Rod Hunt, technical director of OrthoPets Europe, the company that produced Glory’s limbs. “Once she gets used to them, they’ll give her a new lease on life.”