UPDATE: Hope Recovering Well After Being Found Beaten and Abused

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Hope, seen here with Vet Tech, Rhonda Sears


Hope, a pug mix, has continued to make strides in her recovery. Back in July, Hope had been found with her tongue severely swollen, multiple stab wounds and her snout taped shut. Her tongue had been cut and was hanging out due to the injury.

Despite her injuries, Hope has wowed her caretakers with her recovery.

“All she’s required is food, water and a lot of love.  She has just blossomed just like a little flower,” says Vet Tech Rhonda Sears “She runs and chases.”

Hope has been close at the heels of Sears ever since she arrived in July.

“She has this permanent scar on her nose.  She has lost the hair it won’t come back, but it’s her racing stripes,” says Sears “She will show you her tongue is totally healed.”

Hope has received a large number of adoption requests and they have come pouring in from around the world. Her sweet disposition makes it hard for people to not fall in love with her. So much so, even the Parker County Sheriff, Larry Fowler, was tempted to bring her home.

“It’s kind of hard for me because my wife fell in love with her,” says Sheriff Fowler “Where she’s going is the best place she could go.”

Hope had been found on a ranch owned by the Moncriefs, a legendary oil and gas family.

“It makes you want to cry for so many reasons she is such a sweet dog and she will add so much to our family,” says Moncrief, “She’s a great inspiration to us all.”

Hope has motivated the Moncrief family to begin a group called, “Saving Hope”. It is their wish that Hope’s story will inspire others to adopt and care for their pets.

Sears and the rest of the staff at Bowie Drive Animal Hospital found it difficult to say goodbye to Hope. However, knowing she will be back for lots of visits calmed their hearts.

“I’m just a chapter in her book. My job is done. I helped get her well,” says Sears “It’s hard, but I know she’s going to a great home.  It’s not a forever good-bye.”

“We’ve kind of been recovering together,” said Sears, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery. She felt a special bond with Hope as the two were healing together.

A $35 000 reward is still being offered for anyone who can provide information that leads to the capture of the individual(s) who abused Hope.

Sheriff Fowler is requesting that anyone who may have information regarding hope should call the Parker County Crime Stoppers hotline at (817) 599-5555.

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3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hope Recovering Well After Being Found Beaten and Abused”

  1. Dogs love unconditionally and they forgive easily, which is why I get so heated (more than I probably should I know) when someone hurts a dog. I wish horrible things on them beyond belief. I actually carry a box cutter in my purse just in case I ever see anything like this going on. We need to stick up for these babies because they can’t do it themselves.

  2. When I first heard about what happened to Hope it absolutely broke my heart! I am so glad that she was rescued and given the second chance that she deserves. Animals feel pain just as us humans do, and why anyone would want to purposely inflict pain on any animal is beyond me. I can not understand why people are so cruel. Great job to all involved in Hope’s rescue, she would not survived had it not been for all the hard work and dedication to save her life.


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