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UPDATE: Houston’s Homeless Family of Seven Finds a Home

by Katherine

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Just three days ago we brought you the story of Pat, Rich, their two dogs BooBoo and Duke, and their three cats. This homeless family of seven lived on a strip mall in the Houston area, but on March 3, 2014, the owner of the shopping mall evicted them from the property.

Read our original story “Animal Rescue Group Helps Homeless Family and Their Pets” to learn more.

Thanks to Melrose Park Neglected Dogs (MPND) and the many animal lovers who stepped up to help them, they will soon be safe and off the streets of Houston.

Duke and BooBoo. Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs/Facebook
Duke and BooBoo. Photo Credit: Melrose Park Neglected Dogs/Facebook


An MPND volunteer is fostering the three cats, and Duke and BooBoo were placed in temporary boarding.

The animal rescue group started an online campaign to collect funds and more than $2,000 were raised to help the family.

The organization also helped the family find an affordable place to live, which is being covered by Rich’s disability benefits. They are expected to move into their place this Saturday and once again be reunited with their five fur-children.

“We at Melrose really want to thank everyone who has come together to help Pat and Rich and their 5 furkids get off the streets. Without all the support we, mostly De, would not have been able to assist. It took people from all around the globe to come together for this,” posted MPND on the Facebook page.

If anyone is interested in helping this family and their pets, they can contact Melrose Park Advocates at (713)253-2965 or MPND through Facebook.

If you are interested in donating household goods, gift cards, or supplies for the pets, you can send them to:
De Guggenheim
c/o Metro Entertainment
1400 Crestdale Drive
Houston, Tx 77080

Rich and Pat are moved with the outpouring support the local and online community has shown them.

“My prayers have been answered, I will sleep so good tonight,” said Rich.