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Rescued Starving Pit Bull Puppy Pays It Back

by Melanie

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3.6.14 - Starving Pit Bull Rescued & Pays It Back5

“This is Judy, an amazing animal. She appeared on my doorstep barely able to move and dying of starvation,” said YouTube user Fourslinkys.

Judy was a pit bull mix puppy that had been abused and starved, nearly to the point of death.  She was either tossed out or escaped just in time to save her life.  She wandered up to a stranger’s porch, and as fate would have it, just the right person appeared at the door.

3.6.14 - Starving Pit Bull Rescued & Pays It Back1

The man wasn’t a pit bull lover.  In fact, when he saw her, immediately springing to mind were all the fear-inducing buzzwords that are splashed across the papers:  Vicious.  Stupid.  Untrainable.  Lock-jawed.  Mauling.  Baby-killers.

“I was a phone call away from having her picked up and taken to a shelter.  In her condition, she would have certainly been euthanized.  After a phone call to my sister, a lover and believer in all animals, I decided to try to help this puppy.”

Why high five when you can double high five?
Why high five when you can double high five?


One year later, and Judy was a completely different dog.  The stereotypes in her owner’s mind vanished; she is smart, vivacious, well-behaved and completely trainable.  This green-eyed beauty knows lots of tricks, and does each of them with a wagging tail.  Overall, she’s as cute as a button and makes a spectacular companion.


And Judy came into her owner’s life at just the right time:  his sister committed suicide (not sure if it’s the same sister that suggested he keep Judy), and his world was shattered.

“I did not know that by saving her, I was saving myself from a downward spiral of grief over my sister’s suicide. Sometimes the words “they’re in a better place” do not satisfy and comfort can only be had in the presence of a primal understanding.”

3.6.14 - Starving Pit Bull Rescued & Pays It Back3

So Mr. Fourslinkys may have saved a life, but in the end, it was Judy who saved his.

“Sometimes you don’t pick the dog… the dog picks you.”


“’Will you throw that ball again?’ – Song lyrics by Judy (but she made me sing them).”