UPDATE:  Humane Society Investigating on Behalf of Libre, the Dying Puppy

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7.18.16 - Libre Update1


We recently shared with you an update about Libre, the poor, mangy, starving puppy who was on death’s door before he was taken in by Speranza Animal Rescue.  Despite his unmistakably deliberate neglect, the Lancaster County SPCA opted not to press charges against his breeder.  However, the Humane Society of the United States is now investigating.  We also have even better news about little Libre…

According to ABC 27 News, SPCA director Susan Martin said, it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the breeder intended to harm the puppy or willingly neglected to care for him.”

Just hours ago, Speranza founder Janine Guido shared the update.  There wasn’t much to her post, but she said that the HSUS is now conducting an independent investigation of the person responsible for allowing Libre’s health to languish as mange and maggots took over his emaciated little body.


7.18.16 - Libre Update2


“Dr. Pryor, myself, and others involved are more than willing to testify to help bring justice to Libre,” she said on Facebook.

The puppy, who has been determined to be a Boston terrier, has been steadily improving.  Every step of his recovery has been a milestone – his first time eating food on his own, his first time drinking water himself, and now his first kisses!  Janine was thrilled to be the recipient, and glad she had her phone handy.

We will continue to keep you updated on Libre’s progress.

23 thoughts on “UPDATE:  Humane Society Investigating on Behalf of Libre, the Dying Puppy”

  1. Precious Libre is from an Amish puppy mill. He was left to die, until a delivery man saw him lying in the dirt, almost dead. Luckily, the delivery man persuaded another rescue person to help, and he was given up by the Amish owner. Thankfully, he is in the best hands, EVER!! We need to be this little sweetheart’s voice, and demand justice for all the abuse and neglect that Libre, and so many other precious puppies and dogs have had to endure at these vile and horrific puppy mills, owned by the disgusting Amish. The time is now to shut them all down!!!! Justice for Libre!!!!!

    • The Amish puppy mills are the WORST!!! these people claim to be God faring people…too bad they don’t consider dogs one of God’s creations!!! they need to be shut down, and stop breeding dogs that they decide to cast aside like garbage if they don’t meet up to their standards!! shut down the Amish puppy mills, let them find something else to make their money on!!!

  2. Life With Dogs was the first place to make me aware of Libre’s story, back in the first week of July. Since then I have been following the story closely, and when Susan Martin held that ridiculous press conference at Lancaster County SPCA I knew I had to do something to help. Since then, THOUSANDS have joined Justice for Libre, and very soon MILLIONS will be aware of what is going on with Amish Puppy Mills in this county.

    The Humane Society investegating these swine is a victory, but it is just the first step for me, and for many others. So anyone out there that sees this, please join our cause Justice for Libre

  3. The laws for animal abuse are not laws at all.These people who can do this to a animal need it done to them.These animals need us humanes to care for them,love them like a child.These animals don’t deserve this.I would like to do to these abusers that they do to an animal,its just wrong wrong wrong.

  4. What good reason would a person have Not to punish the person that did this. Animal
    don’t get like this withoud you seeing what kind of condition he is getting in. They need
    to be punished.

  5. Sadly this is NOT the worst case I have seen. I see a lot of animal stories in the course of a week and this is really sad and disgusting, and yes, horrific, but at least as of now Libre is still alive, they are not all that lucky. I am on my way to pick up two pups and a young dog, to drive them to rescue (fosters are ready and waiting), today’s trip is shorter – only 221 miles – we charge nothing for driving. We consider this our way of giving back to the people that saved our three rescues before we got them, and to the people who foster and give these dogs and the ones who take their place, a chance at a happy life. The problem is that for every Libre we hear about, every abuse case that is prosecuted, every abuser sentenced, there are many who nobody hears about; where animals die alone and in terror and pain, abusers continue to abuse and that is what haunts my dreams. Gotta dash, dogs to drive!

    • I totally agree with you about the number of animals who are never found and saved is much greater than the ones who are. This HAS to be changed! I blame the USDA since they oversee and benefit from most of the Puppy Mills. The puppies are raised for research purposes, so proper care is not an option. They just need to be alive and sometimes not even that. The Humane Society’s hands are tied as the have to answer to the USDA. The USDA sends so called “inspector’s” out to investigate cruelty complaint’s. The inspector makes recommendations for improvement and then gives the owners X amount of time to correct the problem. Any follow up visits result in the same manner. Some breeders have violations that span a decade. They are rarely fined or lose their breeding license. This is where it has to stop! File a consumer complaint on your State Government’s Website against the USDA. Indicate that you believe there is a need for better supervision and accountability of the USDA and an investigation should be conducted due to them being in violation of Animal Cruelty Laws. We are the voice of the animals who are suffering, If we don’t say something nothing is going to change. Thank You for the service you are providing for the animals. It’s people and organizations like you that do make a change. There is a lot more needed. To all the animals who are suffering, I hope help comes soon.

    • The USDA has a lot to do with why this cruelty is allowed. Puppy Mill Breeders raise research animals for the USDA, so proper care is optional. When a complaint is filed, an USDA inspector investigates and makes recommendation for improvement. The breeder is given X amount of days to correct the problem(s), If a follow up visit is made the same procedure is used. Breeders are rarely fine, charged, or have their license revoked. Some violation span a decade. This is where it has to stop! File a complaint on your State Government’s Website. Indicate the need for better supervision and accountability of the elected staff who are in charge of the safety and welfare of all animals. That it’s your belief that the USDA is in violation of Animal Cruelty Laws. We are the voice for all animals. If we don’t speak up nothing will be done. For all the animals who are suffering, I hope help comes soon.

  6. I am in tears – I have two Boston Terriers and they are my world – they are the sweetest pups ever. BTs just love their people and always have kisses to give – just breaks my heart. Breeding has to stop – so many sweet pups in rescue these puppy mills are sickening. This is awful animal cruelty. Janine – keep loving on that sweet pup – you are his person…..


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