UPDATE: Incarcerated Dogs Freed & Returned to Family

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12.7.13 - Save Dogs from Carson City1

Because of the kindness and generosity of The Lexus Project, Life With Dogs’ fans and many others touched by their story, the Rubio dogs – Athena, Bella, Hercules and Pixie – have been freed from a Carson, CA shelter and are now back at home with their overjoyed family members.

Last week we brought you the story of the Rubios, a three-adult family in two homes who had their total of six dogs taken from them when one of them bit a cable guy who entered their property. He had the wrong address, there was a “Beware of Dog” sign posted on the fence, and the incident was so minor that it didn’t make the news – and pit bull bites ALWAYS make the news.

12.12.13 - UPDATE - Rubio Dogs Come Home

Despite it being such a small and isolated event, all of the dogs were taken when the family was forced to sign them over to the city. They believed their beloved dogs were being rehomed, but two of them, Petey, who nipped the man, and Fiona, who was completely innocent, were immediately executed. The remaining four – Pixie, Hercules, Bella and Athena – were locked up at the shelter.

The Lexus Project got involved to fight for the family. They had to do a number of things to get them back, including getting additional insurance, outdoor kennels, muzzles, special collars and training. They did. But while the shelter delayed an inspection of the home where the dogs where taken from, boarding fees kept adding up. The family needed help to raise enough money to get them out, so a YouCaring fundraiser was started.

Within a few days, they had enough money to pay the shelter, and now the four survivors of an incredible injustice are back at home. The family couldn’t be more ecstatic to have them back.

12.12.13 - UPDATE - Rubio Dogs Come Home - Hercules1


My daughter is SUPER HAPPY to have her dog back home. When we went to the shelter she said, ‘Mom is my dog coming home?’ with a big smile on her face,read a post on their Facebook pageI want to thank TLP, everyone who donated and everyone who supported us through this. Thank you so much. The smile on my daughter’s face to have her dog back home is priceless.

Though they will always miss Fiona and Petey, the family will always cherish the memories they had with them, and treasure their remaining dogs even more than they already did.

Thank You EVERYONE for all your help and support!!!! We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts… Now we are a complete family again. God Bless!


12.12.13 - UPDATE - Rubio Dogs Come Home - Hercules




11 thoughts on “UPDATE: Incarcerated Dogs Freed & Returned to Family”

  1. What a travesty? I would SUE the crap out of the County and Animal Control, then I would sue the moron cable guy for being a dumba**- Way to go jerk off, one innocent life lost because you had the wrong address!!!

    • Yes, and I fail to understand what they expect a dog to do when a strange intruder enters your home. Do they expect the dog to greet the intruder and lick them! How did we end up in a place where our loyal dogs can’t even protect our property. If this had been a case of an armed burglar somehow I think the end result would have been different. But explain to me how the dog is supposed to know the difference. The dog only knows this person was not a family member and for that they are executed? How did we as a community allow anyone to have this amount of power to take our canines away from us for doing what dogs have done for a millennia and that is to protect and guard their humans.

      Unbelievable! I think those responsible for what happened to these dogs and this family should held accountable.

  2. So is nobody taking into account that the stupid cable guy had the wrong address and the homeowners did everything they should have? I would hope my dog would go after some idiot on my property that wasn’t expected or announced. I’m sure if the guy was there to rob the place it would’ve had a different outcome. DOGS ARE PROTECTIVE OF THEIR TERRITORY for crying out loud!!!

  3. I hope the Lexus project is helping them sue the shelter that took such ENORMOUS advantage of this family.

  4. why was Fiona executed?? She had absolutely nothing to do with the incident what-so-ever. Why was her life and a loving family and home taken away from her?

  5. I’d press charges against the cable guy for loitering on private property. It’s his fault the dogs are dead and his fault that this family and dogs were harassed they were all happy and healthy before his retarded ass showed up.


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