UPDATE: Kabang arrives at UC Davis and receives preliminary examination

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Kabang, the hero dog who lost her snout and upper jaw when she leapt in front of a motorcycle to save two little girls, finally made her way to UC Davis last week. Kabang made a long journey from the Philippines to be treated by the doctors at UC Davis. Kabang was able to make her trip to UC Davis to receive the necessary care thanks donations that came from people in 20 different countries. Kabang has undergone a preliminary exam with the veterinary surgeons and they anticipate that Kabang will need at least two surgeries.

Kabang made the journey to UC Davis from the Philippines with her veterinarian Dr. Anton Lim. Her owner was unable to make the journey with her. They arrived on Monday and were given a few days to acclimate before meeting with the team at UC Davis.

Veterinary surgeons Boaz Arzi and Frank Verstraete conducted an hour long preliminary exam to assess Kabang’s overall condition on Thursday. They also conducted blood and urine tests. “We are pleased with what we discovered today,” said Verstraete. “Kabang has suffered catastrophic injuries to her face. While we had consulted over photos and video, we were not able to make a proper determination of the care we would be able to offer Kabang until we examined her in person,” Arzi said. The surgeons are confident that they can improve Kabang’s condition.

They anticipate two major surgeries will be needed; the first one focusing on dental work and the second on closing the gaping wound on Kabang’s face. They do not plan to fit Kabang with a prosthetic snout or replace her jaw, which had been rumored in the media. Kabang will be at UC Davis for at least six weeks. Kabang is in good hands as UC Davis has the most comprehensive dental and oral surgery service of any veterinary teaching hospital in the world.

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Kabang arrives at UC Davis and receives preliminary examination”

  1. Oh yay! I am sooooo happy to read about an update on Kabang. When you first posted a couple of stories on her, I couldn’t get my mind off of her fate. So happy to see that she is in the States now and will be getting her second chance at life. Please keep updating us. This is one of the most heart warming stories your page has ever posted. Good luck Kabang-you beautiful champion!!!

  2. This is promising news in Kabang’s recovery. She has had her litter of pups and that must have been touchy, since her nutrition has to be sketchy at best. I’m just very pleased the big day is finally almost here. I’ve been following this story since it first happened, or at least since, I first heard of it in February. Prayers for the surgeons and for Kabang.

    • oh, that’s right!!! she had puppies!!! i’m guessing they had NO trouble finding homes – i expect the biggest problem was whittling down the waiting list!

  3. Very glad to read that she has arrived at UCD. Look forward to see what they are able to come up with for this gal.


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