UPDATE: Navy family reunited with their dog Gunner

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Earlier this month the story broke of how a Navy family and their dog got separated when American Airlines told them the dog’s kennel was two inches too big to travel. The family was treated rudely and had to leave their dog behind in San Diego as they relocated to Japan. Now American Airlines has responded and reunited the Gromer family with their dog Gunner.

Hospital Corpsman First Class John Gromer showed up with his family and his dogs in pre-approved kennels to the airport for their relocation to Japan. That’s when an American Airlines representative rudely told the family that the kennel for their dog Gunner was two inches too big and he would not be allowed on the plane.

The story upset many, but now has a happy ending. American Airlines has flown Gunner to Okinawa, waiving all transport fees. They worked with other airlines to make sure the dog made it safely all the way to the Gromer family. American Airlines also issued an apology to Gromer for the behavior of their representative.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Navy family reunited with their dog Gunner”

  1. I am glad the family has their dog back, but you know that American Airlines only “did the right thing” because of all the bad press. Aren’t most stories about bad airlines about American? Either way I am still verry glad that Gunner is back where he belongs.

  2. This does not suprise me at all from American Airlines. I attempted to fly one of my pets 4 times through them. I was told to show up no problems and he would get on the plane but when I did I was told he could not go. He was even slightly sedated each time for his flight. I was very upset over this entire ordeal with American Airlines. I will NEVER EVER use them to fly personally or with an animal again.

  3. Wow American Airlines – wouldn’t it have been much easier to let the family take their dog and reprimand the rude employees?

    And you wondere why airlines get such a bad rap.

    Glad to hear Gunner is back with his family. I hope his road back will be better.


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