UPDATE ON BRUNO: Last Sandy Shelter Dog Finally Adopted

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A bittersweet goodbye took place Friday between Christopher and his beloved dog Bruno.  Christopher was forced to keep his nine-year-old Rottweiler in a makeshift Nassau County animal shelter after super storm Sandy ravaged his home.  Bruno was the last of 515 animals to be adopted or reunited with owners, and on Friday he was finally taken to a new forever home.

The shelter is closing today, and it was imperative that someone take in the loving dog.

Bruno and his human nearly drowned when the storm flooded their Long Island home.  He spent several days trapped in the floodwater until he was taken to the temporary shelter.  Christopher was forced to move out of state to find work, and has been living in his car.



“Many owners have had to take that heartbreaking step of relinquishing ownership,” said facility volunteer Beverly Poppell.  “You can tell that Bruno wants a family.”

Christopher would visit as much as he could to spend time with his detached dog.  Bruno would howl for him for half an hour after he’d leave.  When Bruno was finally adopted, the brokenhearted man “sat on the floor and cried,” and Bruno howled as he was led away.

“Christopher wanted to make the right choices for Bruno,” said Nassau County SPCA Spokesman Gary Rogers.  “Christopher and Bruno said what’s probably their last goodbyes.  It’s been a very emotional day.”

But perhaps Bruno’s new family will allow Christopher to visit once in awhile.





7 thoughts on “UPDATE ON BRUNO: Last Sandy Shelter Dog Finally Adopted”

  1. Breaks my heart for both of them. Thank you to the people that adopted Bruno and will give him the life Christopher can’t now. And best of luck to Christopher in the future.

  2. How can we help Christopher get a place to live and a job so he can reunite with Bruno! Does anyone know how to set up a fund?

  3. God bless everyone that was involved with getting all those PETs into there new surrondings. You people do amazing things for God’s creatures and I know he notices.

  4. What a sad sad story. My heart aches for Christopher. I hope he can keep in touch and visit Bruno when he can.

    Breaks my heart.

  5. I remember the story about the bullied bus monitor lady. A fund was set up on Indiegogo to raise money to help her retire. They aimed for $50,000 and ended up getting donations totalling $700K. Try that.


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