UPDATE: Person of Interest Connected with Dog’s Dragging Death Turns Himself In

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Jetta having some fun at home before her death.


A man who has admitted to being involved with the dragging death of a dog last week has turned himself in to authorities.

Jetta, a Labrador retriever who had given birth to nine puppies just one month ago, was found on the side of the road near Chelsea, Oklahoma. Sometime on Friday night, someone had bound her rear legs with bailing wire and dragged her behind their vehicle a little over a mile before finally stopping.

She had also been shot, but it is unclear at this time whether she was shot before or after being dragged.

The $10,000 reward posted by Wild Heart Ranch, a local wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization, and University of Oklahoma’s former head coach Barry Switzer is not what lead to a break in this case.

“Our person of interest came to us,” said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

Walton said that although the person of interest turned himself in, he has not yet been arrested.

The man came forward and told the investigators how he found Jetta. At this point in the investigation, however, authorities are unable to confirm exactly how and when Jetta died or her condition at the time the person of interest found her.

Investigators said that although the man may not have done the right thing, he may not be directly responsible for Jetta’s death. Until it is determined how and when she died, authorities do not have enough probable cause to make an arrest.

“The timeframe and the evidence and the witness statements that we have do not enable us to make an arrest at this time,” Walton said.

The name of the person of interest is not being released until he is formally arrested or charged. Some individuals in the community have made death threats against whoever is found to have abused and killed Jetta.

The Rogers County District Attorney is reviewing the case, and will decide by the end of the week if charges should be filed.

10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Person of Interest Connected with Dog’s Dragging Death Turns Himself In”

  1. Do the same to the bastard that killed Jetta!!! JUSTICE!! I don’t believe in law, not any more for what I’m seeing in all world… probably he’s just going to pay a fine nothing more… and that’s NOT justice!!!!

    • wow,I could not of said that better!you are so right about the laws.they do little or nothing,look at michael vick!runs around a football field,like nothing even happend!go figure.then you have a president asking for this scum to get a second chance.after all them poor countless dogs suffered ,were tortured and killed in the evil ,trash hands of this creep and more like him.an eye for an eye,like it says in the bible!when these inhumane idiots start seeing how it feels,it will come to a stop.right now,they are laughing in all our faces.no wonder so many poor animals are being abuse,tortured and slaughtered in awful,horricfic rotton ways,and it’s sickong,and heart breaking.makes me not even want to live in such a cruel rotton world.how do you let this happen to the most loving beings on this earth?

    • thats right!innocent animals would even do what this hick trash did to a poor helpless dog!animals are good enough to be used by human beings as police dogs!therepy dogs,bomb sniffing dogs,service dogs!and much more.they deserve the same dam rights as we do!how the hell are you gonna be so dam cruel and rotton as this?!this is horrific!

  2. How did the perp get this dog in the first place? Was she outside? In a locked fenced yard? No one was home? This is just so horrible.
    We as dog guardians need to try our best to keep our dogs safe just as we keep our children safe because there are horrible people out there. Keep your dogs under your supervision at all times. Keep them inside.
    And please neuter and spay…so many dogs are dying in so called shelters in this country every single day and having stray dogs around just invites abuse because their lives are viewed as worthless.

  3. the moron that did this,or morons who did this should have the same thing happen to them!they shouldn’t even be allowed to breathe the same air.their asses should be shot and dragged some more and see how they feel!thats whats wrong with these laws,they let it happen,by not doing the right thing.

  4. who the heck is this man to shoot anyone!!poor jetta was most likely in the hicks yard,and he shot her,definetly not a lover of animals!then tied her up with wire and thought he was a wise ass along with how many other inhumane creeps were involved,and dragged this poor mother dog on asphault,and shredded her innocent,helpless body to shreds!her skin and hair were found all along the mile or long stretch!how do you do something like this?!my god,and how do you beleive such a weird sonfession as the one this man gave?!pretty dam strange to me!but this poor dog better get some good darn justice done for all that she went through!like for this person to be made to suffer the same as she had too!


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