Update: RSPCA/Police Question Suspect from Dog Kicking Video

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A positive development for those who have been following this troubling story.

A 24-year old man man is being interviewed by animal cruelty officers following an online video which showed a dog being repeatedly kicked. Footage of the incident, filmed in Knee Hill Park, Abbey Wood, appeared on YouTube and led to a public outcry.

It showed the dog being kicked, dragged up a hill and hoisted up by its neck.

The man, reported to be Arthur Kent from Welling, handed himself in at Bexleyheath police station on October 23 where he was arrested, interviewed and released without charge. A spokeswoman for animal cruelty charity the RSPCA, which has seized the dog, confirmed it was now interviewing someone in connection with the incident.

Many thanks to all of you who shared our post in the interest of justice and animal welfare. It took a little longer than expected, but as we have learned from previous incidents this year, collective efforts to identify abusers are working.

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11 thoughts on “Update: RSPCA/Police Question Suspect from Dog Kicking Video”

  1. Oh, thank goodness. I didn’t want the puppy to go thru anymore abuse. thanks so much for posting this and we will work on spreading the news about other abusers. This internet and videos is a great thing on catching animal abusers. Great job Neil, keep it going.

  2. He should be kicked and hoisted up by his neck repeatedly. I wanna be the first one to do it to that scum-bag, waste of space and air!

  3. Thank god he got caught, utube, people’s awareness, digital cameras and facebook all help catch these evil so called humans. I’m glad they seized the dog, maybe he’ll find a loving home that he so deserves.

  4. So glad the little Whippet is safe and in better hands—I would adopt her, if possible. And now they can sentence the guy, and hopefully give him some real jail time.

  5. This is great news, please RSPCA do not return this dog to that scumbag this was not an isolated incident if he does this in public heaven knows what goes on behind closed doors


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