UPDATE: Stray Dog That Hopped on School Bus is Safe

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On Monday, May 5, 2014, we learned about a stray pit bull from Dekalb County, Ga., that followed some high school kids to a bus stop and happily hopped on the bus as if he were going to school. The friendly pit bull was escorted off the bus and after getting something to eat he ran off without getting rescued. Animal lovers across the nation were concerned and unhappy the friendly pet did was left to continue fending on his own, but don’t worry, just 24 hours later the stray was found, picked up by animal control, and is on his way to rescue.

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After the news broke that no one from the bus stop incident attempted or was able to rescue the pit bull, animal lovers in Dekalb kept their eyes open to find and rescue the school bus dog.

Dekalb County stray once rescued. The pit bull hopped on a school bus and refused to leave.
Dekalb County stray once rescued. The pit bull hopped on a school bus and refused to leave.


My Fox Atlanta talked to local area residents on May 7, 2014, and many said they had never seen the dog before, a few others said the stray had been hanging around a play ground for some days.

Dekalb Animal Services contacted the news station and said they had picked up a dog matching the school bus stray’s description just the day before. Soon pictures of the stray were released and shared on social media networks confirming that the school bus pit bull had been rescued and was safe.

It appears the dog wondered into someone’s back yard on the afternoon of May 6, and the owner of the property contacted animal services to pick up the stray. The pit bull did not put up a fight and with his friendly personality was more than happy to go with animal control and get ready to go with a rescue organization.

The school bus stray is safe!
The school bus stray is safe!


Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue will be getting the friendly stray over the weekend and because many animal lovers have shown interest in adopting the pet, there is no doubt that he will be in a forever home pretty soon.

You can learn more about Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue and the school bus stray by checking the organization’s Facebook page.

If you are interested in saving a pet’s life remember that there are plenty of friendly and possibly school bus hopping dogs at your local animal control facility (check Dekalb County Animal Services). Save a life today. Adopt a pet.

Watch the video news report.

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7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Stray Dog That Hopped on School Bus is Safe”

  1. Faith in humanity restored! The news report about this dog was very poor. The news reporter kept mentioning, thank God it’s a friendly dog or this could have ended the wrong way. Media always dramatizing things. The thing that they should have done was try and help this dog! They led the dog out of the school bus and left it on the road. I’m happy that actual dog lovers stepped up to find this pit.

  2. So happy this land shark has draw sympathy while countless children are mauled everyday from them yet no support. Humanity, I think not, that is gone. This so called nanny dog attacks every 17 days and makes up for over 60% of deaths to humans a year in the U.S. but lets not let facts get in the way for this perverse outpouring of support for these demon dogs. They turn EVEN WHEN RAISED RIGHT, and no one knows what it will take to make them snap. Canada and Britain didn’t outlaw them for no reason. These dogs do not belong in a neighborhood around kids. The breed has been overbred and needs to be altered to bring about a more stable minded dog.

    • Ok, now that’s insulting. I myself am from Britain and I bloody know for sure that pitties are NOT A DANGER! Stop believing everything you read. There was an article on here not too long ago talking about so called “pit bull attacks”. Most of the attacks weren’t even pit bulls. A dog will not turn if raised right. It will protect itself and its family and this goes for all breeds. Go try kicking a chihuawa in the face and see if it doesn’t fend for itself in the same way a “land shark pit bull” would. Grow up and stop being so thick. You shouldn’t be allowed to own a pet with that mentality.

  3. The pit bull apologists are out in force as usual. The only important take away was that none of the kids were mauled this time


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