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UPDATE: Tri-pod’s Had Amputation and Is Recovering

by Melanie

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12.26.13 - Update on Tri-pod2

On December 19, we brought you the story of Jana Reeder, the woman whose home caught fire while she was rescuing an injured dog. The dog, named Tri-pod, needed donations to get surgery on his festering leg.  Thanks to generous contributions, he has now had the amputation, and is already doing worlds better in his forever home.  

We have the best Christmas announcement ever! TRIPOD NOT ONLY IS GETTING HIS LIFE SAVING SURGERY TOMORROW, AND GETS ALL HEALTHY, HE ALSO HAS A FOREVER HOME!! Our Christmas Present to Jana, Andy, Sweet Miki, and the rest of the Reeder crew, is after Tri-pod’s surgery, I’m slapping a big red bow on his head and deliver him to the Reeders’ temp house! Jana and Andy have decided to ADOPT the wonderful Tri-pod. We will take care of all his vetting! Once surgery is done he will go stay with Jana and Andy at their temp house! Then, once healthy and Jana and Andy are back in their house, the adoption will be finalized! We want to thank everyone for all your love, prayers, and donations! We should be good on all the money for Tri-pod’s treatment, but we have 20 plus dogs in our care that still need your help, plus any new rescues we get in! At K-9 Karma we are known to take in the sick and injured! Most of our dogs cost lots of money to get happy and healthy again! With your help we can help these dogs that so badly want and deserve a second chance! Thank you all again! Donations can still be sent in through:

K-9 Karma’s website or

K9 Karma Animal Advocates Inc.
32105 W 31st St.
Cheney, KS 67025

12.26.13 - Update on Tri-pod1

Tri-pod went in for surgery on December 23, with updates from K-9 Karma Animal Advocates coming all the time.

Tripod was doing better this evening. He was very painful but was trying to get up and move around. He got lots of fluids with vitamins in them today. He has to stay the night; we are hoping he is feeling a little better tomorrow! He may not think it now, but we have gave him the best second chance a dog could ask for!”

Tri-pod became anemic after the operation, but he was closely monitored and was already doing better by the next morning.

He’s doing much better this AM, still very sore, but is up moving around. Went out and pottied, got pain meds, didn’t feel like eating this AM but don’t blame him. He was 49.2 lbs before surgery, today he was 44 lbs – the sweet baby lost 5 pounds of leg! His momma is gonna come see him today! He sadly will have to stay here through Christmas, but his momma just wants him better before coming home! No worries – Tripod will still get his Christmas present and loving tomorrow!”

Christmas update: “First, he wants everyone to have a very merry Christmas. Second, he’s feeling much much better today. He sat up, wagged his tail, went potty, ate one can of wet food with one cup of dry food, all his meds, then ate half of his Christmas treat bag! He will be able to go home to his mommy (Jana) and daddy tomorrow! Thank you all for your love, thoughts, prayers and donations. Because of you, Tri-pod has gotten his second chance, and he will NEVER go another day unloved or unwanted! Merry Christmas everyone!”